VentaVid TM

Personal contact
with video

The video solution for Automotive
sales and after sales

VentaVid Sales

To follow up your online leads, confirm appointments or offer a “sneak preview” of a delivery.

VentaVid Aftersales

To offer customers insight into repairs
and to help sell additional
workshop jobs.


The digital vehicle check with video. You run through all the essential points, step by step. Now, combined with video.

How it works

You can make a VentaVid video easily and quickly with your smartphone or tablet.

Step 1

Create a personal video message as quick as lightning with the VentaVid app. From pausing to adding from a film roll, everything is possible.



Step 2

Personalise your video message. Choose the right corporate style. VentaVid generates a unique link on Invite the customer to view their message.


Step 3

Receive a notification when the video is viewed, or there is an online approval for a repair.

Live demo



Was the video viewed?

Follow the customer and measure interest. View the number of videos made and the results they produce.



Developed from practice

Multiple Templates

Are you a multi-brand dealer? Change your house style easily with VentaVid Multi Templates.

Multiple Logins

Multiple users on the same device? Yes, it’s possible with VentaVid multi-login.


How to get started with video? VentaVid’s tools show you how video is being utilized, in real time and at a single glance.

VentaVid cloud

Your videos are stored securely in the VentaVid cloud. Uploading videos is incredibly fast.

SMS, WhatsApp or email

You can share your video with the customer easily and quickly from VentaVid, using SMS, WhatsApp or email.


Set up a custom workflow to suit your business. Who sends the video, and from which device?

"Seamless, easy to use, and on one platform."

James Spencer – Rowes Group


We will help you get started

With on-site training and video coaching.


Response rate & time

Customer satisfaction



1: On-site training

We offer on site training to help you and your colleagues get started.

2: Remote video coaching

Receive a VentaVid coach’s feedback on your video.

3: Online course

For sales and aftersales, with various practical examples.

A selection of our customers

VentaVid Sales

VentaVid Sales

VentaVid Sales

VentaVid Aftersales

VentaVid Aftersales

VentaVid Aftersales

About VentaVid

VentaVid has developed a video application that enables car dealerships to create and send personal video messages in their own corporate identity easily and quickly. And users see that it contributes to increasing their customer satisfaction and turnover.

VentaVid is a good tool for both sales and aftersales, and works closely with various manufacturers. Our video application, developed

from practice, stands out for its simplicity in use and flexibility for the user. Simplicity, because you can make the videos with a smartphone (VentaVid can be found in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store), and flexibility because the dealership can create video page templates in its corporate identity, special styling for the introduction of a new model, etc.

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