Personal contact with video

The most effective video solution for the global automotive industry

“VentaVid is definitely an essential tool as we move forward from lockdown”

Thomas Mac Donald
Wexford Car Centre

Multifunctional Solutions



  • Follow up online leads
  • Send offers
  • Confirm appointments
  • Offer ‘sneak previews’



  • Show the car status
  • Explain the work required
  • Request the customer  approval
  • Get approval and feedback



  • Analyse essential points
  • Add video explanation
  • Request approval
  • Higher turnover

Versatile, Simple, Flexible

VentaVid is a professional and effective video communication tool, designed specifically for the automotive industry creating both improved customer satisfaction and increased company turnover.


VentaVid’s VERSATILE application can be used for sales, aftersales and electronic vehicle health checks.


VentaVid’s SIMPLICITY ensures an easy to learn and easy to use process for sales advisors, service advisors and technicians.


VentaVid’s FLEXIBILITY allows you to create videos within your own corporate identity and send them via any communication channel to customers.

“Seamless, easy to use, all on one platform”

James Spencer – Rowes Group

Co-created with and for
cars dealerships

to support the future of automotive retailing

Step 1: Record a short video of the car's status
  • With the pause button it is easy create a multipart video
  • Upload the video easily to the VentaVid cloud




Step 2. Send a Video Invite with approval request

  • Add a title and a written message to your video
  • Add red and amber work descriptions and prices
  • Choose the preferred communication channel (Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Other.)
  • Send your video with approval request via a unique online link to your customer!




Step 3: Get more red and amber work approvals

  • Receive a notification once a video is viewed
  • Receive the customer’s approval and comments
  • Inform the technician to continue working on the car



Monitor staff activity on your dashboard

  • Easy overview of recorded videos per technician
  • Possibility to send feedback on videos remotely to technician
  • Receive feedback from your VentaVid coach

On Site 1 on 1
Training & Video Coaching for:

  • Sales / Aftersales Managers
  • Sales / After Sales Advisors
  • Technicians

VentaVid video increases:

  • Transparency & Trust
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Conversion
  • Sales
  • Profit

A selection of our customers:


“VentaVid video systems are excellent, the systems they supply are second to none and I would definitely recommend it.”

Steve Mildoon

Service Manager, Mercedes Benz Exeter.

“I would definitely recommend VentaVid. It makes you stand out from your competitors, your customers have a great personal experience.”
Arno Ophorst

Sales Manager, Tilburg-Bastianen Volkswagen.

VentaVid App Available for iOS or Android

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