How does using VentaVid benefit my customers?

Customers are showing an enthusiastic response to VentaVid. During the sales process, videos are proving to be a positive experience for customers as the videos streamline the process in an innovative manner.  For service work, video message offers transparency to customers as they can see work that is necessary on their vehicle. This leads to trust in workmanship and increased customer satisfaction. “Now you can repair it because I can see it is necessary” is a common customer comment.

80% of customers respond to video messages

How will using VentaVid benefit your business?

An increase in sales and customer satisfaction are the most important benefits to your company. Users have reported an increase of between 10 – 15% in sales of repair work since using VentaVid. Enthusiastic client reactions and increased showroom visits are common benefits.

VentaVid streamlines work in the showroom as well as the workshop.

Is making videos time consuming?

Videos are quick and easy to create resulting in higher conversion rates from leads, as well as service advisors selling repair work far quicker with less time spent on telephone conversations. It is easier for customers to understand work that needs to be done on their vehicle when they can see the problem instead of having to have it verbally explained to them. Video messages vary between 1 to 2 minutes and result in a faster customer response therefore proving to be a time efficient process.

Can technicians master video?

We have found that because mechanics are talking about their expertise, they are able to create the video seamlessly. However, sometimes they will have a problem with starting the process therefore we supply a script that they can use which aids them when beginning their video. The fact that the technician is not being filmed is also helpful.

How do staff react to making videos?

Staff show different reactions depending on their jobs as well as their individual personalities. Generally speaking, sales people tend to be extroverts and often enjoy the process of selling through a new media, video. Once they see the results in conversion rates they are hooked on this creative selling method.

Technicians seem to take a little longer to get used to making videos, however, once they witness their customers positive, enthusiastic reactions they relax and find creating videos to be a valuable communication tool whereby they save time in having to re-explain difficult to imagine problems to customers.

Does VentaVid supply hardware & software?

VentaVid has an app for both iOS and Android which can be found on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

VentaVid can advise dealers where to buy the necessary hardware but leaves it up to the dealer to select the most cost effective channel to buy hardware.

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