As a car mechanic,

sell more repairs with video

My name is Ruud van Ginkel and I am a mechanic at Porsche centre Leusden. We use Ventavid. If a customer comes in for a service or MOT, we try to use a video to explain anything that is wrong with the car.

Making it visual, makes it even easier to convey our explanationin a clear way to the customer. And we also notice that it makes it easier for us to sell things to customers. Recently, a customer actually came to see me and told me that he really found it positive. Actually, that has happened before, now I come to think about it.

Customers simply love it. They enjoy seeing how we handle their car, what we discover about it, that we can use the video to show them, and therefore help them understand what we mean, which is very nice for the customer. When I first heard that we had to work with video, I thought hmm… I didn’t really believe in it so much, and I didn’t have a lot of enthusiasm for actually doing it.
After all it’s another task, and one which you are not familiar with yet. But nowadays it goes much better. After making use of Ventavid several times, I found out that it is a pretty good system, and one that makes making videos easier. I have noticed that our reception now

sells items more easily. And with extra work I can increase my productivity. So, yes that is one of the advantages for me. And, from that point of view, I would certainly recommend all mechanics to work with it too.