Customers react faster
and more enthusiastically

My name is Arno Ophorst, sales manager at Tilburg-Bastianen Volkswagen. We are currently using video for the sales leads we get – online leads – and for new car arrivals. Even post-delivery, when the car is delivered, we make a sort of “happiness call” to ask how they like the car.

And the reactions are fantastic. At first, we used YouTube, but it took a lot of time, you had to do the video editing yourself. You did not have a nice start or end screen. But, with Ventavid, you simply make your video, go to your computer, and the movie is ready. 

Since using video, we notice that our sales people are also excited about our customers’ reactions. Videos deliver us satisfied customers CS is improving. And, no matter how fast you think you can type an e-mail it actually takes much longer. In practice making a video is much faster because the Ventavid system has all you need ready.

Customers react faster and, above all, more enthusiastically. Our CS surveys show us real evidence of how much customers like receiving videos. Here is a nice example: people come into our showroom and say right away “hello Arno”, “hello Marc”, while you, as salesperson, think I don’t know them…  But they feel that they already know you from the video, and that’s really cool!

You notice that most sales people find it a chore to begin making videos, and are unsure about doing it well. Ventavid’s bonus is immediate feedback, on the same day, often even within an hour, telling you what you should change, if you need to hold the camera slightly higher or how you should modify your narration, and that is really nice.

With that help, you see that you can actually make much better quality videos in a very short time I would definitely recommend Ventavid to other dealers because you really can stand out from your competitors, and your customers have a great personal experience.  So, you are really doing something different than the average dealer.