Does it take you

long to make a video? 

I am Niels de Waard from Van Mill in Dordrecht I am responsible for showroom sales herein Dordrecht. Opel,  new and used cars. We use VentaVid, with the aim to  sell more cars and to back that up in after sales by improving customer satisfaction.

Our worries before we made the decision to do this were “Do we have time for this and how much time will it take”. And, if it would take a lot of time, would that be profitable. Experience has shown us that it is not so bad at all. Since working with Ventavid, we sell more cars and lead conversion has increased.

In cases where we sent standard e-mails to leads that didn’t respond by telephone, we are seeing better reactions. Firstly, you notice more reactions, and that they are better. When customers come into our showroom they already know who to expect.

The customer responses are always positive. During the six months I have used it, I haven’t had a single bad reaction, or  anyone who said they didn’t like it. Many people send positive feedback or tell us how much they like it when visiting us in the showroom. I would definitely recommend Ventavid. All the factors I mentioned above are sufficient reason to choose this system.