Make repairs easy

to understand with a video

My name is Dirkjan Warner and I am a service advisor at BMW dealer de Fonkert in Numansdorp. Ventavid makes my work easier, especially by clarifying jobs done by our mechanics. The explanation of the work makes it especially easier for me to explain it to the customer, and thus to give him or her better

understanding of the jobs we do on their car. When the customer sees the video, the first reaction is surprise to receive a film, but then it makes things much clearer for him or her than when we only explain it on the phone, with only the text, so-to-speak. We certainly notice that customers understand things much faster and gives us permission to go ahead with the work much quicker.

The main things we get from video are the mechanic’s view of the car’s technical condition, in our opinion, and the work that needs to be done, and sometimes that’s in underlying text, from which you can get more information than from  what is normally in writing.

In particular, we notice some time saving on our side , because the mechanics simply give more attention to the car while filming, because they are concentrating so much more on the particular step that they do more, and therefore do their job better and provide a clearer picture of the car’s condition. I must say that it only works as additional help