Sell more cars

with a video message

My name is Hendrik Liewes I work in our family business Opel dealer Liewes. I use Ventavid for my sales lead follow-up I also use Ventavid for making videos connected to visits to our workshop, when a new car arrives in our showroom and when we deliver a new car.

I have noticed that, since we use video, people respond faster and easier, and that they really enjoy receiving them. And you can see that it makes selling cars quite  a bit easier. In fact, the ice is already broken when people come to visit us. They greet me right away because they know me from the video.

You certainly see that using video really improves lead conversion, and consequently actual sales too. As I have mentioned, we also use our videos for our delivery process and we have noticed that it really improves customer satisfaction, and that people really enjoy receiving a video showing the unveiling of their new car.

Making the videos does not take much time nowadays. I think that I can make a video and send it within five minutes at most. Of course, you need to get used to doing it in the beginning, but in the course of time you get more experience and it all goes quicker and easier.I would definitely recommend Ventavid to anyone working in sales, be it following up leads or in the showroom, because it is really a tool that lends itself well to this work.