VentaVid sales

VentaVid Sales helps to boost dealer conversion in every step of the sales process.

Increased customer satisfaction and turnover makes VentaVid an indispensable tool during the sales process


ensures an easy to learn and easy to use process
for sales managers and sales advisors


allows you to create videos within your own corporate identity and send them via any communication channel to customers

Cutting Edge Technology

  • Create unique pages with your own Corporate Identity.
  • Use our Easy-to-Use Multi Templates or simply create your own
  • Receive notification once video has been viewed
  • Receive customer feedback
  • Adjustable language feature


VentaVid for Sales

  • Follow up videos on sales leads
  • Reminder videos for showroom / test drives appointments
  • Follow up videos after showroom visits
  • Videos to professionally enhance sending offers
  • Stay in touch video between contract & delivery
  • Video as a sneak preview for car delivery
  • Video to follow up after purchase & stay in touch

How it works

You can make a VentaVid video easily and quickly with your smartphone or tablet.

Step 1: Record a short personal video message
  • With the pause button it is easy create a multipart video
  • Upload the video easily to the VentaVid cloud


Step 2: Send a Video Invite

  • Add a title and a written message to your video
  • Select the professionally designed template of your brand
  • Choose the preferred communication channel (Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Other channels)
  • Send your video via a unique online link to your customer!



Step 3: Get a feel for the customer's interest

  • Receive a notification once a video is viewed
  • See how often a video is viewed
  • Receive star rated feedback on the video from your customer




Monitor staff activity on your dashboard

  • Easy overview of recorded videos per sales advisor
  • Possibility to send feedback on videos remotely to sales advisors
  • Receive feedback from your VentaVid coach



“VentaVid Effects:”




Customer Satisfaction


Conversion Rate



Colleague dealers say:

  •  “We differentiate ourselves from others”
  • “We increased our conversion by 11%”
  • “We have a 80% response rate now!”
  •  ‘An essential tool as we move forward from lockdown’


“I would definitely recommend VentaVid. ”

It makes you stand out from yourcompetitors, your customers have a great personal experience. You are really doing something different from the average dealer.”

Arno Ophorst, Sales Manager, Tilburg-Bastianen Volkswagen.


Customize your VentaVid experience with our flexible API

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