A video message in three steps…

iOS & Android

One makes a VentaVid video easily and quickly with your smartphone or tablet. The VentaVid App is available for iOS and Android.

Measure video type

Keep track of the types of videos that are made? We can measure that for you in the app. The results are available in a report, so you know exactly when and how video is being used.

Multiple Logins

With the multi login it is possible for a number of technicians to log in on a single device, useful if you opt to make all your videos on one device.


Imagine you’re making a video and you decide you also need to show the underside of the car, so the bridge has to go up or perhaps you are indecisive for a moment. Occasionally, it’s easy if you can pause the recording!

That’s easy with the VentaVid app.

Length editing

You can easily modify the start and end points of your video!

Sending your video

VentaVid Email module

Send your video message easily and quickly with the VentaVid email module.

VentaVid SMS module

Send your video message to your customer easily and quickly with an SMS.

The right text every time

With the preset text templates you always have the right text for every situation.


The recipient immediately sees the video player (thumbnail) in the email.

No commercials

Receive a CC of the sent mail, emails are sent in your name, there is no advertising from VentaVid.


How about if you made a typo in the email address? Not all emails arrive. Receive notification if yours doens’t.

  You will receive notification as soon as your video is viewed

Flexibility and simplicity…

The VentaVid system is developed from practice, and it stands out for its simplicity in use and flexibility for users.


No workshop is the same

What happens when a video is made?

• Video route can be set
• Service Advisor approval before sending
• Personal dashboard for each employee

Multiple Templates

Are you a multi-brand dealer?

Are you a multi-brand dealer? If so, VentaVid multi-templates is the solution. Switch corporate style easily!

With VentaVid multi-templates, you always communicate in the style of the specific brand you are representing. So, a single connection per branch is sufficient.

Feedback module

Online video coaching

The coach’s (or supervisor’s) feedback is only visible, in the system, with the video and to the person who made it. You receive notification as soon as there is feedback, and of course you can respond within VentaVid – just as you can on forums or chat apps.

VentaVid has coaches available for both sales and aftersales. Giving feedback is aimed at inspiring employees, guiding them, passing tips and tricks, as well as comment on the content of the video message.

The end result

No commercials

The video page is on www.persoonlijkvooru.nl


A personal text message

Google Maps

All your company’s contact details on the video page

Always in your corporate style

Are you a multi-brand dealer? If so, you can switch corporate style easily.


Give every video message an individual title

Direct contact

Your direct contact details are on the video page

About the video pages.

Was the video viewed?

Receive notification when your video is viewed. In your VentaVid dashboard you can see how often the video page has been viewed, and whether the recipient has actually pressed the play button. You can see your recently viewed videos at a glance.


Three formats (PC – tablet and smartphone) After uploading the video, the system converts it to different qualities and file formats so that each visitor to the video page sees it in the optimal video quality-combination for their device.

Your personal video message from VentaVid is obviously very responsive, so that the customer can view your message any time and anywhere.

No commercials

VentaVid generates a personal URL on www.persoonlijkvooru.nl, and you will not find VentaVid advertising in the URL or the video itself.

Your own URL
Using your own domain name makes your message even more personal, for example: videos.companyname.nl/number. You will find an example here: 

Web videos

Embed codes

Every video made with VentaVid comes with an embed code, so that you put it on your website easily and quickly.

Video suggestions:

• Videos behind call-to-action buttons
• Videos on website special offer pages
• Videos on “Thank you” pages

Social media
Shared videos are playable in time-lines on Twitter, Facebook and
LinkedIn. The video player also has a share button.
Create your own templates

In VentaVid you can choose from three basic templates, which you can easily adapt to your corporate style. An individual template for each marketing activity.

Imagine that… A special template for the arrival of a new model or a national campaign!


Customized templates are also an option

Insight into usage.

Every employee has his or her personal login. VentaVid provides statistics per employee, per branch, and a cover-all holding account.

Customer feedback/star rating

Receive feedback on created videos (can be turned on/off)

Customer feedback is a feature that is unique to VentaVid. You will find it in the dashboard and the statistics. Recipients can “rate” the video and leave a message. The creator receives a notification for each assessment.

Daily update

Statistics by e-mail

Receive statistics showing the most important data, by email either daily or weekly:

– Number of videos made per employee
– Video types
– Customer feedback

Monitor usage

1) Videos made

Are videos being made and where should I apply management?

See information on videos made per location and per employee at a glance. We also clearly indicate the types of videos that are being made.

Usage trends
The line chart in the graphics shows usage trends.

2) Videos sent

Are the videos made being sent on time, and what is the best method?

In VentaVid you can see how many videos have been made and the percentage of them sent. 

Time to watch
The “Time to watch” feature gives more insight into the process at a glance.

3) Videos viewed

Are the videos being viewed? What is the result? 

In VentaVid, you can see the percentage of viewed and non-viewed videos, and you can then zoom in on individual employee level to see which of their videos are watched and how often.

Star rating
For each site, you can see the average, total and monthly star rating, as well as the reactions to the videos.

Was there a sale?
VentaVid has a feature to keep track of whether a car has actually been sold per video.

4) Holding statistics

Would you like to use VentaVid at multiple sites?

The ‘holding statistics’ feature gives you insight into all your sites at a glance.

Create your own dashboard
With VentaVid you can put together your own dashboard and zoom in on individual branches and employees.


The digital vehicle check with video. You run through all the essential points on the car, step by step. Nothing gets forgotten and you record all points of interest digitally. 

Results? More efficiency in the workshop.



User-friendly, and all from one application

VentaVid and AutoConnect have worked together to create a unique, digital, combined video and vehicle check solution by fully integrating both systems. 

• Job lines on video pages
• Approval per item
• Option for adding video later


Hosting is a very important part of a video service. In addition to guaranteed availability, one must also take into account scalability, efficiency and speed.

Hosting is a very important part of a video service. In addition to guaranteed availability, one must also take into account scalability, efficiency and speed. All that in an optimally secure environment that prevents unauthorised persons viewing or changing your videos or other information.

Various layers of protection protecting your data: VentaVid is hosted completely at Amazon Web Services. Familiar names that are part of AWS: Netflix, Expedia, Pintrest, NASA, Dow Jones (for their indexes) and Instagram before being taken over by Facebook.

Servers and storage are protected by various layers of security. At the lowest level – actually ‘usable’ access to servers is only possible when holding the encrypted keys (security certificates), not merely fragile passwords, and under condition that your IP address is allowed in the firewall.

There is live monitoring on the server files – the scanning system picks up any modification, deletion or addition of files. The scan reports are checked every day. User passwords are stored with salted encryption. (Sometimes hacks occur because hackers

can figure out what a password is by recognising the encryption algorithm and thus are able to recognise the end result) That cannot occur with VentaVid!

“In-application hacking” is not possible: Every time a user tries to perform an action, their rights to do so are checked. So, “In-application hacking” is not possible.