Do you have trouble

convincing customers about the need for the repairs? Are you losing lots of time talking, calling and discussing jobs with customers?


Do you have trouble convincing customers about the need for repairs? Do you want customers to see you as a reliable adviser instead of a commercial predator? I know that feeling well. And I would be happy to help you do something about it.
The trust is gone!

Is this familiar? A customer brings his or her car in for a service. The car appears to be fine, but during the service, you discover a torn drive shaft cover. And that’s not something to just leave as it is. The customer does not notice anything while driving but the job is necessary. It can be an expensive repair. Then comes the time to explain the situation to the customer. Instead of the communicated price for the service, there is now an additional and expensive repair. The customer does not trust the story. He or she does not trust you any more. If only you could show him precisely what is wrong…

Full transparency

That is exactly what you can do with VentaVid personal video messages. You take the customer through the service with you (virtually) and show exactly what you do, how you do it and what you encounter.

It is the ideal environment to show that torn cover and explain right away what will result from doing nothing about it. “Look, here you can see grease coming out of the drive shaft, which means the dirt can get in and eventually the mechanism will break.” Even someone seeing a drive shaft for the first time will understand this and appreciate the clear explanation. Not to mention, that he or she will agree to going ahead with the job without any problem or suspicion.


Why actually?

The era when customers confidently accepted everything we said is over. Even with substantiated arguments, convincing a customer is increasingly difficult. Certainly, in cases of unexpected but necessary repairs, customers feel threatened and become distrustful. They even doubt whether the job is necessary. Or worse, he or she will contradict you because information on the internet says that the repair is not necessary at all.

“It leads to you losing a lot of time talking, calling and discussing jobs with customers. There is a lot of hassle about the usefulness and necessity of the particular intervention. ”

The customer refuses because he or she distrusts the whole situation. Perhaps, he or she goes elsewhere for a second opinion, and then has the repair done there. This reduces turnover per work order and that is of course not what we want.


Check out VentaVid for aftersales

Using VentaVid video messages has already revolutionized a number of workshops. Instead of talking exclusively by telephone about the repair and the price, the workshop goes to the customer (virtually). With VentaVid, you can now apply this success formula to your business.

The mechanic is now the video director and captures all important points of his work, summarizing it with an oral explanation. Better expert advice is not conceivable. It is not a theoretical example but a concrete picture of the problem point(s) found on the customer’s own car. It’s recognizable, understandable and transparent.

Additional benefits of using VentaVid

Nowadays, everything revolves around the customer journey and experience. Expectations are high. By using video messages in your after sales process, you make a clear statement, “We are a modern company with no secrets”. It provides real added value in the customer’s journey, and you will notice that customer satisfaction and loyalty will increase.

There is also an advantage in the workshop. Internal video sharing removes the need for the service advisor to go into the workshop to see what his technical colleague means. The personnel in stores have a clear picture of the parts required for the repair. It increases the mechanic’s efficiency.

The customer can see that work really has been done on his or her car. In fact, the mechanic can show what is wrong with the car and how it is affected. And customers can see and understand it for themselves and they gain more trust. This immediately opens the door for strong upselling, e.g. an update of the navigation system, or “look, these tires have no grip on snow”, and you sell replacements right away. The possibilities are endless.

“It all adds up to increased turnover with a better margin and greater efficiency. ”

VentaVid EVHC

Are you considering using VentaVid too? That’s a good call. It gets even better when you know that VentaVid can connect with almost every DMS and is already equipped with a link to EVHC

We handle the implementation in its entirety. We send experienced trainers to coach your service advisor(s) and train your mechanics to make good quality videos.

When do you use VentaVid in aftersales?

Actually, there are no limitations. Whether you are doing an MOT inspection, maintenance or warranty work, there is an opportunity to provide an ‘explanation’ for every job, to work with full transparency for the customer, and to sell something extra of course.

It does not have to be only for bad news. You can also boost customer trust and loyalty when you send a video message about what you did on their car, and explain that everything went according to your wishes and expectations. You can use that moment to give a little advice about future maintenance or any upcoming repairs. When you instil the right expectations, the costs are not such a shock and the work is easier to sell.

Get started with VentaVid and let it work for you. Your customers’ reactions and actions will amaze you. Contact us today on: