VentaVid TM


video messaging tool

Easily and quickly

VentaVid has developed a video application that enables car dealerships to create and send personal video messages in their own corporate identity, easily and quickly.

Colleague dealers say:

  • “Increased conversion of red / amber work”
  • “We sold more seasonal actions”
  • “Higher retention”
  • “We improved customer satisfaction!”
  • “More professional than sending video via Whatsapp!”
  • “Less calls, quicker response! We save time / costs!”







How to use video

  • Video to inform about work done and / or explain invoice
  • Video to support a service inspection and ask for approval additional work

  • Video to remind of possible maintenance


How it works

You can make a VentaVid video easily and quickly with your smartphone or tablet.

Record a video

Immediately identify additional work and points of attention. Quickly, easily and efficiently.

  • Seeing is believing;
  • Get a faster customer response;
  • Clear explanation leads to more sales


This page has an unique url for the customer. Send the link to your client and invite them to view the video and the check results. Sending the link directly from VentaVid can be done by email or SMS.

“Has the video been watched?”
“How many times has the video been resent?”

Customer Experience

  • Video page in your own Corporate Identity incl. employee data
  • Multi Templates (easy CI change, per video page)
  • Create your own templates
  • Receive a notification when the video has been viewed.
  • Star rating – Customer feedback
  • No commercials
  • Extensive contact information
  • Language is adjustable per video page


1) Isn’t that time consuming?
Making a video message is an (time) investment in the workshop, but which is recouped at the service desk. The service advisor can sell the repair much quicker and has less discussions over the telephone. The result is that mechanics can get to work quicker.

2) How much time does making a video message cost?
Video messages have a length of 1 ½ – 2 minutes, the time investment is zero. It is important to record the message in one go, so it is important to have the mechanic make videos on a regular basis, so he is used to it.

3) What does it give me?
In practice, we see that mechanics, when talking about their expertise, can easily record videos. Starting the video is often experienced as a problem. We
solve this by supplying a standard script. Mechanics are not filmed themselves, which they appreciate.


4) How do mechanics react to the idea to make a video?
A good preparation is essential. In general, mechanics are not immediately enthusiastic about the idea to make a video in the workshop. The making of videos is something they have to get used to. Questions like, what am I going to say, how do we go about it? Does that take a lot of time and why are we doing this? The first benefit of working with video in theworkshop is the positive customer reactions. These reactions can make the mechanic enthusiastic about the use of videos. It is important that the service adviser relays this back to the mechanic. Mechanics will also notice that service advisers are quicker to sell the repair, so they can finish the job quicker.

5) What does it give us?
Satisfied customers, enthusiastic reactions. Some users have seen an increase of 12% in sales of extra work.

6) Does my client need it?
One of the most heard reactions after viewing the videos is: “you can repair it, I have seen it”, or “now we know what you are doing”. Does your client need it? A video message offers transparency, the client sees what you are doing, and knows what is being done during maintenance repairs. 25% immediately reacts
enthusiastically to a video message.