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Light, camera, cash register

Interview AMT entrepreneur

Easier sales of cars, maintenance and repairs, a better and faster response to e-mails, more sales and greater customer satisfaction.

There is no shortage of high expectations when it comes to using video in the showroom and the workshop. The good news – once you have mastered it, you actually achieve those expectations.

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EVHC and VentaVid are launching a vehicle check system

Automotive Werkplaats press release

Software suppliers Autoconnect Holland (ECHC) and VentaVid have developed an electronic vehicle check system with integrated video function.

This system allows technicians to add a video showing the state of the vehicle, right at the same time they are completing the electronic checklist on a vehicle.

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Interview Booster Magazine

Interview Booster Magazine, OOMT Foundation

Car salesman Kees Oldenhage found that using personalized video messages got him in touch with customers again.

Now his company offers complete video solutions to car importers and car companies.

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AMT Live: video contact with your customer using VentaVid

AMT Entrepreneurship

VentaVid has developed a video application that enables car companies to create and send personal video messages in their own corporate style easily and quickly.

VentaVid is a good tool for both sales and aftersales, and it works closely with various importers

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Cars&Company episode 5: Kees Oldenhage from VentaVid

Used Car Controller

Does it take you too much time to convert a lead into an appointment? VentaVid claims to improve conversion of leads to appointments and orders by using video.

Kees has been at the heart of the automotive industry since his youth. He grew up in his father’s car company in Nieuw-Vennep. In 2000, Kees started selling cars. It was a time when customers were still coming actively to the showroom.

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DCDW Podcast at Paul de Vries

DCDW Podcast

Kees Oldenhage is a real video pioneer. Even before channels such as YouTube became known to the general public, he was already experimenting with using video as a car salesman.

He soon learned that a video in which the product, i.e. the new or second-hand car, took the lead role did not work

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Video as a tool for online customer contact

BOVAG magazine

Images often say more than a thousand words.

Send a personal video message to a customer whose new car has just come off the transporter. The effect is fantastic. Customers share their videos with family, acquaintances and friends through social media.

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