VentaVid TM


Personal contact with video

Easily and quickly

VentaVid has developed a video application that enables car dealerships to create and send personal video messages in their own corporate identity easily and quickly.

Colleague dealers say:

“We differentiate ourselves from others”
“We increased our conversion by 11%”
“We have a 80% response rate now!”







How to use video

  • Video to follow up on a lead
  • Video as reminder of a showroom visit and/or test drive
  • appointment
  • Video to follow up after a showroom visit /
  • digitally sent offer
  • Video to stay in touch between contract & delivery
  • Video as a sneak preview for car delivery
  • Video as purchasefollow up / stay in touch


How it works

You can make a VentaVid video easily and quickly with your smartphone or tablet.

Step 1

Create a personal video message as quick as lightning with the VentaVid app. From pausing to adding from a film roll, everything is possible.



Step 2

Personalise your video message. Choose the right corporate style. VentaVid generates a unique link on Invite the customer to view their message.


Step 3

Receive a notification when the video is viewed, or there is an online approval for a repair.


Was the video viewed?

Follow the customer and measure interest. View the number of videos made and the results they produce.






“Has the video been watched?”
“How many times has the video been resent?”

Customer Experience

  • Video page in your own Corporate Identity incl. employee data
  • Multi Templates (easy CI change, per video page)
  • Create your own templates
  • Receive a notification when the video has been viewed.
  • Star rating – Customer feedback
  • No commercials
  • Extensive contact information
  • Language is adjustable per video page

Customer feedback

Receive feedback on created videos (can be turned on/off).Customer feedback is a feature that is unique to VentaVid. You will find it in the dashboard and the statistics. Recipients can “rate” the video and leave a message. The creator receives a notification for each assessment.


1) Doesn’t that take a lot of time?
Making a video message takes 5 minutes at the most, but provides a higher conversion of your leads.

2) Do my clients need it?
Because 80% react to a video message, and 25% give positive feedback, we can guarantee you that clients appreciate the video.

3) What does it give me?
More showroom visits, enthusiastic client reactions, and an increase in client satisfaction.


4) Do you also supply hardware?
No, it is best to purchase this yourself.

5) What can we use to film?
VentaVid has an app for iOS and Android. Videos can be made with a tablet, telephone, or iPod.