What is my car worth?
How do I motivate the customer to come to my showroom? How do I ensure that they respond to my proposal, and how can we stand out from the crowd?



How do I motivate customers to come into my showroom? Or… How do I make sure they respond to my proposals? How can we stand out from the crowd?
These are familiar questions for car salesmen and women.
You follow up many leads every day and notice that the responses are minimal. Your customers are increasingly difficult to reach. Often, price is the deciding factor and determines whether a customer visits your showroom. Recognisable?

Showroom attendance is decreasing.

Customers orient themselves online, firstly consulting many different sources on the internet. The result – showroom visits are decreasing. You really have to convince the customer to come into your showroom. You often get the question “What is my car worth?” and invest a lot of energy into lead follow up.

The showroom is in the customer’s home

How about if handling that was easier and would take you less effort? How much time would you be able to free up for other things?

Imagine how it would be if customers were familiar with your company before entering the showroom and you had already won their trust?

Send personal video messages and show the customers the added value they can get by buying from you. You can distinguish yourself from the competition in this way, and win the customer’s trust online through the video message!

It results in higher conversion on your leads. You have a better margin and it makes selling cars personal again. This way you can communicate the added value your company and product offers the customer with passion and enthusiasm!

“The result is higher conversion on your leads. You have a better margin, and it makes selling cars personal again. ”
My name is Kees Oldenhage, co-founder of VentaVid. Years ago – when I sold cars myself – I started sending personal video messages.

Result – no more unanswered mails. Customers responded immediately! And surprisingly, customers went to the bank and came back to the showroom.

Hundreds of video recordings later, something became clear to me. Video messages brought me back to the heart of the car market – personal sales in the customer’s ‘home’. I had the opportunity to give my passion for car sales focus again. This made VentaVid a reality.

In order to share my success and help you to create video messages with passion and enthusiasm, I am very happy to give you our course “Selling more with video”, in which we share knowledge, insights and best practices.

I, along with our coaches, also give a large number of VentaVid users weekly feedback on their videos and provide personal guidance to users. From practice, we know when and how you can best use your video for maximum results. Because that is what it is all about, having increased pleasure selling more to satisfied customers. With VentaVid, you can do that.