Go (Venta)live with your customers!

Facetime, Zoom, Teams, working from home, webinars. Video calling has really taken off, partly thanks to the lockdown of 2020. There’s nothing unusual about that, of course, as the benefits are patently obvious. The convenience and the time saved alone already make live video a logical choice.

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Dealer preparing a video of a car

Direct (video)contact

VentaLive brings your company to the customer – live! Sometimes an online appointment is easier to schedule than a visit to the showroom. It saves both you and your customers a great deal of time. VentaLive allows you to meet the customer, especially if he or she is busy. The customer requests a meeting or you put a video call in the diary together. That’s how it’s arranged.

Answer questions live,
configure cars instantaneously and more advantages…

  • Customers don’t need to install any software
  • VentaLive works on any device
  • Communicate live one-to-one with the customer
or with several parties

Are there even more advantages? There certainly are!

  • Convenience and no travel time for the customer!
  • Improved and faster information provision.
  • Zero risk of Covid-19.
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The virtual showroom 3.0 experience

With VentaLive, you are offering customers a unique experience. Not just that, you are also extending your opening hours for the customer.

The process is really easy. You grab your tablet, and send the customer an invitation. Is everyone online? If so, you can demonstrate and configure the car on the spot.

Unique extra: record the conversation, then the customer can view it back at his or her convenience.

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Functionalities that matter…

  • Camera on/off: The customer chooses, that lowers barriers between you and him
  • Waiting room in corporate style: Adapt the corporate style of the ‘digital waiting room’
  • Sharing documents: Go through request and offers together
  • Website button: Easily add a live conversation button on your website
  • Statistics: Insight into how often and how long, and with which customer(s)
  • Invite+: Invitation in your corporate style, plus a link to the ‘digital waiting room’

Try screen sharing
Share your screen with your customer and configure a car or present the offer directly.  

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Link Ventalive to VentaVid

Make it easy for yourself and the customer. Video pages are equipped with a button ‘request a live presentation’. After viewing the video, the customer can request or schedule a conversation with you directly.

Imagine that you have a live video call with the customer. You walk through the showroom and present the car. You can also record that conversation. This recording will be sent directly to the customer automatically via a mijn.ventavid.nl video page. 

It’s as easy as that. 

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