3 Reasons Why Dealers Need to Add Video to the Car Sales Process

Selling a new car is rarely easy, but add in all the recent economic uncertainty, supply chain challenges, and global turmoil, and you have what might seem like an unreal uphill battle to move stock. In fact, one report from Germany’s Center for Automotive Research predicts a five percent contraction in the global new car market by the end of 2022. For dealers, it’s essential to get every advantage they can when it comes to moving prospective buyers through the car sales process.

And that’s where video comes in. Consider these stats from an article at Entrepreneur.com:

• 59 percent of marketers say video marketing offers a positive ROI
• 64 percent say video helps them build brand awareness
• 60 percent say video helps them increase engagement
• 57 percent say video helps them improve conversions

Clearly, video is one of the top tools businesses use to attract customers and close sales, and car dealerships should be no exception. And given that car buying is shifting to digital channels, video can be a natural fit with a dealer’s sales efforts. Need more proof? Here are three reasons dealers should incorporate more video into their car sales process.

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1: Personalization

We’re living in an age of mass personalization thanks to digital technologies. While car marketing hasn’t shifted too far from its mass marketing roots (i.e. a combination of global brand advertising coupled with local dealership marketing), customers have come to expect a personalized experience similar to what they experience on sites like Amazon.

Video can dramatically help personalize the entire car sales process. Salespeople can make videos about vehicles based on what they know about the customer. For example, if the customer has children, a salesperson can make a video highlighting a vehicle’s safety features. By creating personalized videos, dealers can go a long way to build rapport and trust with their prospective customers.

2: Emotional Connection

Another aspect of video is its ability to build an emotional connection between the vehicle and the customer. It’s one reason why video is such a powerful medium. Videos can be developed that generate excitement over a specific set of features, focusing on the benefits they will deliver to a customer. For example, a video could demonstrate a vehicle’s comfort or convenience features, while emphasizing how these features will make the driver feel (relaxed, calm, serene, etc.). This is an essential step in the car sales process, because as most salespeople know, emotion drives decision making more than rational.

3: Shorten the Customer Journey

Ultimately, video can act as a sort of short cut to closing sales by making the customer journey shorter. Video can answer anticipated questions, cutting down on some back and forth by email or phone. It can be a stand-in for an initial showroom visit a buyer may make before even test driving a vehicle. It can be used to get the customer into the showroom faster. And it can also be used to move a customer closer to signing more effectively than phone calls or emails.

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