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5 Ready-to-use car sales video templates that boost results

In our modern, digital landscape, personal touches make all the difference. For car sales executives it's all about striving to be seen and remembered. A approach that can really make you stand out is reshaping customer interaction: video messaging. As we delve into this article, we'll uncover the power of video messaging and its transformative impact on the car sales journey.

In this article:

  1. Efficient video production at your fingertips.
  2. The benefits of personalized video messages for dealerships.
  3. 5 Ready-to-use car sales video templates to boost your results
  4. How this dealership used VentaVid to grow their sales.
  5. Sending a video message with VentaVid
Best video templates for car sales profesionals

Lead response video template
After phone contact video template
Appointment confirmation video template
Showroom follow-up video template
Video messages after a car purchase

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car sales video templates

The benefits of personalized video messages for dealerships

Create 1:1 communication that’s more personal and engaging for your customers.

From your experience in car sales you've probably noticed that most car buyers expect a personalized and convenient sales experience. This has always been the case for high-end products such as card. However, nowadays with the possibilities of video messaging you also have an extra solution to meet the needs of your customer. Personalized video messages are videos where you address the viewer directly, using their name and other personal details. For example, you might say "Dear Mr. X, my name is John, from the car dealer up in Y, and I want to thank you for your interest in our brand, model."

By including personal details in your video messages, you can create 1:1 experience that feels more personal and engaging. This approach is highly effective in the sales process since people react more positively and pay more attention in a direct, personalized video message. As a car sales executive, you can leverage this approach to your advantage. Receiving leads on a daily basis, you may have noticed that responses are minimal and that customers are increasingly difficult to reach. If you're struggling to convince customers to visit your showroom or set yourself apart from the competition, personalized video messages can help.

Imagine if your potential customers knew your company and had already developed trust in you before they even set foot in your showroom. By using personal video messages, you can convey a sense of reliability and authenticity that sets you apart from the competition and makes customers more enthusiastic about working with you. Ultimately, this helps you land more appointments, leading to more sales and greater profits. So, let's dive into some practical examples of how and when you can use personalized video messages to drive success in your business.

5 Ready-to-use car sales video templates to boost your results

Discover these five game-changing video scenarios for car sales that will skyrocket your sales and customer satisfaction! Say goodbye to dull pitches and hello to engaging content. With our powerful scripts, you'll be equipped to connect with your customers like never before. And you’ll be ready to sell more cars than ever before!

Pitch car sales

# 1. Lead response video template

Have you ever received an online lead with no response to your calls or missing contact information? Instead of giving up on that lead, try using a personalized video message!

Dear [customer name], my name is [name] from [dealer name], and I'm grateful for your interest in the [make model]. While I couldn't reach you by phone, I wanted to personally connect with you. So, I've created this personalized video message to introduce myself and the car. Shall we take a quick look?

Using personalized video messages will not only help you make a better connection with your customer, but it it will also:

  • Turn online enquiries into showroom traffic
  • Make your messages stand out in a crowded mailbox
  • Beat the competition with an experience that stands out
  • Sell faster, so save precious time

Don't let a non- responsive lead or lack of contact information stop you. Try using personalized video messages to seal the deal!

In fact, experience shows that personalized video messages have an 80% response rate, this is much higher than the response rate of a standard email. By addressing the customer personally, you force a response and can make a difference.

Don't let a non-responsive lead or lack of contact information stop you. Try using personalized video messages to seal the deal!
video car sales

# 2. A video template to use after phone contact

Imagine you've successfully reached out to a potential customer over the phone, but they're hesitant about booking an appointment. What's the next move? A personalized video can help in this situation.

Dear [customer name], thank you for speaking with me earlier and expressing your interest in the [make model]. To help you get to know me and the [model] better, I've created this personalized video message just for you. Would you like to take a quick look?

With this video message, you build rapport and trust with the customer on a deeper level, increasing the chances of securing an appointment. It helps to convey your enthusiasm and tone of voice much more effectively than an email or phone call. Furthermore, sharing information is now more efficient and straightforward through the use of video messages. By inviting the customer to take action in the video, your conversion rate is likely to will increase, resulting in more appointments and ultimately more sales.

By inviting the customer to take action in the video, your conversion rate is likely to will increase, resulting in more appointments and ultimately more sales.
automotive video pitch

# 3 Appointment confirmation video template

As a car dealer, what do you do when a customer contacts you directly to schedule a test drive? Most dealerships send an email confirmation. But what if you could use a quick personalized video to confirm their appointment and make a stronger connection with this customer?

Imagine sending a video with the following script:
Dear [customer name], this is [your name] from [dealer name]. I'm excited to confirm your test drive appointment for the [make model] on [day & time]. To introduce myself and the car in advance, I've created this personal video message for you. Let's take a quick look at the car together.

With this visual message you not only confirm the appointment but also create a stronger bond with your potential buyer. From experience we know that viewers will react enthusiastically to personalized videos. Another benefit is that they'll recognize you right away when they meet you in person. What's more, personalized videos can help reduce the number of no-shows, increase the favorability factor, and create stronger recognition with your customers. This ultimately leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Don't settle for mediocre appointment confirmations. Give your customers the VIP treatment they deserve with personalized video messages. Start making a lasting impression on your customers and watch your sales soar!

Give your customers the VIP treatment they deserve with personalized video messages.

sell cars with video

#4 Showroom follow-up video template

When a customer visits your showroom and starts thinking about a potential purchase, what do you do? Rather than focusing solely on price, consider emphasizing the product and engaging the customer to increase the likelihood of conversion. Imagine sending a video with one of these two scripts:

Immediately after the showroom visit script:
Dear [customer name], this is [your name] from [dealer name]. I wanted to thank you for visiting our showroom and hope you got a good impression of our dealership and the car. I would love to show you the [make & model] one more time, so I've created this video to give you a closer look. Let's take a quick tour together.

Follow-up script to the showroom visit:
Dear [customer name], it's [your name] from [dealer name]. We spoke on [date], and I wanted to check in on how your search for a new car is going. Do you have any additional questions, or is there anything I can help you with? I've created a video to help you visualize what it would be like to own this car. Let's take a quick tour of the car together.

With personalized videos, you have the power to shift your customer's focus from price to product and highlight the benefits of owning a car. By showcasing their potential new car in a virtual showroom, you create a stronger engagement with the customer and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

With the use of video, you can:
Take your customer on a personalized tour of their dream car! Highlight its features and benefits...and truly connect with them on a deeper level

So, why settle for a traditional sales pitch when you can create a personalized connection with your customers and also boost customer satisfaction.
personal video message car sales

#5 Video
 message after a car purchase

Don't settle for average customer satisfaction after a car purchase. Use the power of personalized video messages to keep your customers engaged and excited about their new car! Customers have reported higher satisfaction rates when receiving a video message after a car purchase, so why not give it a try?

Sending a video message just after your customer buys a car is a surefire way to make a lasting impression. Imagine filming the new car being driven off the trailer and telling your customer, "Here comes your new car...this is the one you've been waiting for! Here are some examples of a post-purchase message that can create a “WOW” moment for customers:

Dear [customer name], tomorrow is the day you're coming to pick up your new [make & model], we're all set, I hope you are too! See you tomorrow!

Dear [customer name], I hope you're as excited as we are about your new [make & model]! I wanted to give you a sneak peek of your car as it's being detailed and prepped for delivery. Check it out!

(You can guide this script with some video of the car coming off the delivery truck, being cleaned, polished, or checked by your team)

Dear [customer name], your new [make & model] is ready for pickup, and we couldn't be more excited for you! As you prepare to drive off in your new car, we wanted to give you some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your ownership experience. Here are some things you might not know about your car, and some cool things you can do with it. Let's get started!

(You can guide this script with a video that informs the customer on how to use different features, or take care of the car)

By using personalized videos like these, you can excite your customers, showcase your expertise and professionalism, and make a lasting impression that can lead to repeat business and referrals.

The best part? These videos don't take much time to make, but they can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

So, why settle for a traditional sales pitch when you can create a personalized connection with your car buyers?

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How this dealership used VentaVid to grow their sales

Pinetown Audi uses VentaVid to create personalized videos for prospective customers, establishing an emotional connection and building trust. With detailed metrics from VentaVid, Pinetown has optimized their sales process and is actively re-engaging with customers who may have stalled in the sales process. The more they use VentaVid to communicate with customers, the more sales they can close.

The sales process relies on trust. With nine out of ten customers buying their vehicles online or over the phone, it’s essential to develop a connection with the customer in an effective way.

Daniel Wexler

 | Sales Manager | Pinetown Audi 

Read case study

Boost sales, build relationships, and close deals with VentaVid. Eastern Cape Motors did just that, integrating video at every touchpoint in the sales process. With VentaVid, they can create personalized videos to excite and engage customers, track viewing stats, and close more sales. The results speak for themselves: a 20% increase in sales when videos are used, positive customer feedback, and a valuable addition to their sales toolbox. Don't let sales slip through the cracks - try VentaVid and see the difference it can make.

VentaVid is a far superior product. It helps us build trust and our relationships with customers. Customer responses have been outstanding and has developed a whole new level of confidence in how our salespeople interact with customers.

Dale Cuthbert
 | Sales Manager | Eastern Cape Ford
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Sending a video message with VentaVid

VentaVid is a platform that makes it easy to shoot personalized video messages and share them as stunning interactive pages that connect you to more customers. Are you looking for a software solution to share video messages on a larger scale, with more options to customize your video or to get more insights in who's seeing your video's? Than you should definitely check out VentaVid.

1. Can users see a live demo of VentaVid?

Yes, users can see a live demo of VentaVid from an auto expert. This provides an opportunity to experience the platform in action and understand its capabilities firsthand.

2. How can VentaVid be used in the car sales process?

VentaVid can be utilized in the car sales process in various ways. It allows car sales professionals to make a great first impression with an introductory video, keep the buyer engaged by sending videos throughout the buying process, and increase sales by incorporating video in car sales referral email templates.

3. What are the specific features of VentaVid?

VentaVid offers a range of features including the ability to easily record, send, and track videos. It also has an SMS feature that is user-friendly.

4. What is VentaVid's main target industry?

VentaVid is a video message platform specifically designed for the automotive industry.

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Efficient video production at your fingertips:

Often, when people think of "Video production" or "Video creation," they imagine expensive equipment and thus significant costs. However, in today's tech-driven world, creating impactful videos doesn't require that much budget or even specialized equipment. With a simple smartphone and the right video recording software, anyone can record videos tailored for their audience. So, before diving into expensive options for your video production, remember that sometimes the most authentic and engaging content comes from the device right in your pocket. Embrace the ease and accessibility of modern video creation – your audience and wallet will thank you. Dive with us into the benefits of video messaging in car sales and discover how this affordable and powerful content channel can revolutionize your sales strategy.