How Pinetown Audi Uses VentaVid

As almost any car dealership will tell you, selling cars today is increasingly challenging. The internet has made buyers more informed and able to shop around more, bringing increased competition. Rival dealerships will regularly undercut each other, ultimately shrinking margins. As such, dealers need every advantage they can get to close more sales faster.

Pinetown Audi in South Africa had been creating videos to help entice customers. Typically, the sales team used native apps on their phones, or a shared iPad whose battery was almost always depleted, to create and share videos with customers. But none of these solutions were easy or intuitive to use. Too often, videos weren’t created or deployed effectively, and they found the results to be fairly inconsistent. That is, until they tried VentaVid.

Adding a Personal Touch

Pinetown Audi finds using VentaVid to create personalized videos for prospective customers incredibly easy. Whenever Pinetown receives an inquiry for a vehicle, the salesperson will create and send a VentaVid video, complete with messaging personalized to the customer’s inquiry.

This helps to establish an emotional connection—both to the vehicle being sold and the customer. And by building this connection, Pinetown makes their customers feel comfortable and builds trust with them.

The sales process relies on trust. With nine out of 10 customers buying their vehicles online or over the phone, it’s essential to develop a connection with the customer in an effective way.
Daniel Wexler, Sales Manager at Pinetown Audi

Growing with VentaVid

VentaVid provides dealers with detailed metrics that can help track and optimize the sales process, including daily, weekly, monthly reporting and more. Salespeople can lean on these reports to judge a potential customer’s interest in a vehicle based on how many times they’ve watched a particular video.

This puts the dealership in a stronger position for negotiation, allowing them both meet the customer’s needs while protecting their margins. And that, in turn, helps to close more sales and grow revenues. What’s more, Pinetown uses VentaVid to re-engage customers who may have stalled in the sales process.

When a customer’s interest appears to drop off, a new and interesting video can excite them about the vehicle, potentially moving them closer to a sale that might’ve been lost in the past. Pinetown Audi feels like they’ve just scratched the surface of what they can do with VentaVid. “We find that when we use VentaVid, we see results,” says Wexler. “The more we use it to communicate with our customers, the more sales we believe we can close.”

About VentaVid

VentaVid helps cars dealerships use personal video messaging in sales and aftersales, with the aim to increase revenue and raise customer satisfaction. With templates, notifications of video views, insights into trends, and multiple delivery options, VentaVid captures customers’ attention and keeps them engaged throughout the sales process.