Build trust in your inspection and maintenance services with personalized video messages

VentaVid makes it easy to keep customers informed during inspections, maintenance, and repairs for any equipment - so you can build trust and boost sales.
Send video messages throughout each inspection
Share insights for any maintenance work to build trust
Gain approval faster for any additional work
Avoid awkward discussions with video explanations
Build better customer relationships

Top brands use VentaVid for service and maintenance


Do you struggle to streamline video workflows in your service department?

Customers love video messages. They offer an easy way to build trust and explain potential repairs clearly - so why don’t you send more?
You need countless apps and free time to create and send video messages
Your videos can’t book meetings without call-to-action buttons
You waste time chasing cold leads who haven’t watched your videos
car walkaround video

VentaVid transforms your smartphone into a service approval machine

Share video messages as interactive pages that boost customer satisfaction
Transform video messages into interactive pages. Technicianscan send video messages to service advisors to approve or deny work and share a visual explanation with customers.
Improve team efficiency with role-specific views and DMS integration
Develop personalized video workflows throughout your service department. Build loyalty and boost approvals on autopilot - for boats, tractors, bicycles, trucks, heavy equipment - and more.
Boost your revenue with a built-in quote generator and payment buttons
Send quotes that get approved faster. Add a personalized video and call-to-action button to gain approval. Check the leaderboard to discover your team’s top performers.

VentaVid users have created more than 20,000 branded video templates for their customers - when will you start?


Use VentaVid to build trust and gain more repair approvals

Win customer trust. Share required work and inspections as templated approval pages - with detailed video explanations.
Establish trust with personalized video messages
Build confidence and reduce disputes with video inspection tours
Sell repairs faster with instant notifications for customer views
Serviceman repairs bicycle wheel

Accelerate approvals and payments for any servicing and repairs

Book more repairs. Explain potential repairs faster and more clearly - with an easy way to shoot videos. Capture payments and approve work with pre-designed pages.
Built trust when you demonstrate expertise and reassure customers
Share proposed repairs and reassure customers with positive advice
Get approval and capture customer payments directly from each video

Improve customer retention thanks to our powerful analytics

Grow your service business. Identify your top performers with leaderboards, insights, and roll-up reports that display analytics and key metrics.
Improve customer satisfaction with detailed video ratings
Track performance insights and boost customer retention
Save time with automated approval workflows and video templates

Are you ready to make every servicing experience feel personal?

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Boost your servicing revenue
Just shoot, edit and share

Shoot a personalized video in seconds

Download the VentaVid app and hit ‘record’.
Show each customer any proposed maintenance work and potential repairs with a personalized video.
Multi-part videos
Instant edits
Team videos

Share an approval page with built-in payments

Paste one simple link that's packed with features.
Send each video as a pre-designed website page that can take approvals or capture payment details.
Sales pages
Page links
Page templates
Video ratings
Email module
SMS module

Accelerate after sales and boost servicing revenue

Build a performance culture at your service department.
Identify your top performers with leaderboards, insights, and roll-up reports that display analytics and key metrics.
Instant notifications
Performance dashboard

What our clients say

Thanks to VentaVid our sales executives can create personalized and high-value content for each customer - which empowers them to make better purchase decisions. They’ve truly enabled ‘salesperson 2.0’.
Niek Cardinaal testimonial
Niek Cardinaal
Sales Manager
We use VentaVid to engage at every touchpoint. Our salespeople can reach out with an introduction video to make each customer feel welcome and then send personalized videos.
Dale Cuthbert testimonial
Kishor Kamath
Business Manager
VentaVid helps us build trust and our relationships with customers. Customer responses have been outstanding and has developed a whole new level of confidence.
Dale Cuthbert photo
Dale Cuthbert
Sales Manager
VentaVid helps us to connect more with (potential) customers through personal videos. The platform is stable and has beautiful, personal templates.
Daniel Wexler photo
Daniel Wexler
Branch Manager
VentaVid has allowed Paragon Honda to stand out from our competitors by providing personalized experiences for our customers.
Brian Benstock
VentaVid video systems are excellent. The systems they supply are second to none and I would definitely recommend it.
Steve Mildoon
Service Manager
VentaVid has truly transformed our servicing experience. We use VentaVid every time a car comes into our workshop. It is seamless, easy to use and on one platform.
James Spencer
Group Service Manager
VentaVid is a complete, professional solution that makes it easy for us to reach customers. Now we can create professional content, and track our videos and categories in one place - with a detailed analytics dashboard.
Dale Cuthbert testimonial
Kishor Kamath
Business Manager

Make customers love your service team

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