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Discover how to increase both your conversion and your customer satisfaction in less than no time with a personal video message.

The advantages of VentaVid
  • Higher conversion rate of your leads
  • The ability to sell more repairs
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction
  • Send videos in your own corporate style
  • Simply and quickly

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Next level service and personal contact by video 

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to get your customers into your showroom? Do you notice that customers are shocked by the costs because they don’t have a clue what a repair involves? No doubt you will also notice that customers are becoming more critical and have higher expectations than before. That they are becoming more difficult to win over.

There is a smarter way of winning over your customers. The VentaVid app, specially developed for persuasive video communication with your customers. Turn your persuasive message into a unique customer experience. 

VentaVid for Sales

Customers don’t just stop by at your showroom. They are critical. They ask challenging questions. They come better prepared than ever. The number of visits to showrooms has decreased significantly over the past years. Yes you follow up the online leads...but it's hard to get a proper reaction from the customer...

It's about time to  bring your showroom to the customer instead of the customer to the showroom!


VentaVid for Aftersales

Ouch. That tedious telephone call to the customer. The drive shaft sleeve is leaking and that is no cheap repair. Only your customer doesn’t have a clue. Everything will be alright in the end, you hear the doubt on the other side of the line.  
Imagine that your technician himself explains via video what the repair is, where exactly it is located and why it is important. Your customer has been informed, has an idea of what needs to happen and you are able to sell the repair quicker. 


Simply do it yourself
It’s as easy as that 

1. Create your own customer-oriented video message

Download the app and press record, it’s as easy as that. VentaVid is a powerful and stable app, developed for the salesperson or workplace that wishes to communicate in an even more distinctive and customer-oriented manner.

It’s easy to add videos from your film roll, switch camera, delete easily recorded fragments or schedule a live video call directly.

Use the pause button for short, alternate shots for persuasive professional videos.

2. Personalise and share your video message in an instant

Select one of the pre-configured text templates. Change corporate style quickly and easily from a single account thanks to the multi-templates.

Share your video message in an instant via e-mail, text message or WhatsApp. Add repair costs to the video via offers or an EVHC inspection for upselling of red and amber work.

Link your DMS or EVHC system using VentaVid for a seamless process.

3. View the results quickly and act on notifications

Check your dashboard and keep up to date at all times. Press ahead with what’s going well and make adjustments where necessary. Once the customer has viewed your video, you will receive a notification. This is your signal to act. Does the video come with an offer? Check! Customer approves, you round off. Has the customer been invited to attend a VentaLive video call? Demonstrate, answer questions and share your screen, for example to configure a car. Are there any further advantages? Receive customer feedback, (NPS) scores and notifications in your dashboard.

Manage your videos, and maintain focus

Extensive insight into statistics for each branch and employee.

Arno Ophorst Van Tilburg Bastianen
“I would definitely recommend VentaVid. It makes you stand out from your competitors, your customers have a great personal experience.”

Steve Mildoen Mercedes Benz Exeter
“VentaVid video systems are excellent, the systems they supply are second to none and I would definitely recommend it.”

Discover our


The VentaVid app for sales brings your showroom to the customer. Create your own professional and persuasive videos of your company and all the models in your showroom in an instant. Unexpectedly following up on leads with video creates a higher conversion.

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Put your customers at ease and exude confidence. Use video to take your customers ‘on a journey’ through your workplace. Communicate repairs in a transparent and persuasive manner using the VentaVid aftersales app.

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Sometimes an online appointment is easier to schedule than a visit to the showroom. VentaLive allows you to meet the customer, especially if he or she is busy. The customer requests a meeting or you put a video call in the diary together.

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Step by step check all the essential points of the car. Nothing is forgotten and all points of attention are recorded digitally, using bespoke predetermined health checks. Create your own videos quickly and easily and send them in your corporate style using the VentaVid app.

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We'll help you to create customer-oriented videos

How do you use the video effectively and how do you ensure that customers respond to your videos?  We will prepare you for this and lend a helping hand throughout the entire process. Certain of your choice? Get in touch with a VentaVid Success Coach.

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