Customer case: A yacht company's success with VentaVid

Princess Motor Yacht Sales the largest Distributor of Princess Yachts in the world with meticulous attention to detail, delivering unforgettable experiences. For the last 3 years this luxury brand has been elevating its client communication to another level thanks to the personalized video platform VentaVid.
Strengthened client relationships
Aftersales cycle
Optimized sales and aftersales cycle
Increased trust
deeper sense of trust among clients
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VentaVid for service
"VentaVid helped us bring a personal touch to our communication. Clients could virtually step on board and see the work we've done."

Customer case: A yacht company's success with VentaVid

We interviewed Tracy Neale, responsible for business development, aftersales and sales for the offices in Spain and the Balearic Islands. Discover how this premier yacht company with offices all over Europe has transformed its client communication with VentaVid, enriching relationships and trust.

About Princess Yachts

With local offices and workshops in the idyllic setting of Mallorca, this UK-based yacht company stands out in the luxury maritime industry. Renowned for its high-end yacht sales and services, the company's commitment to exceptional customer experiences is unparalleled, catering to an elite and international clientele.

“Within this business and for us at Princess Yachts gaining trust is key” explains Tracy. “It’s vital to have that personal link”. The company has always been on top of their communication with their clients and they’re accustomed to sending photo and video updates on a regular basis from anywhere around the world.

Packaging global customer communication professionally

One of the challenges that sets this business apart from others is that Princess Yachts has a clientele base from all over the world. How are they able to maintain a strong connection with their international clients? Most of them are unable to frequently visit their yachts. And more importantly, how do they ensure consistent and transparent communication?

Tracy Neale, pivotal in the company's operations,recognized the need for an innovative and professional solution. "Ourclients, scattered worldwide, needed more than just updates. They needed tofeel connected to their yachts and have proof of the work we’re doing”. Tracy explains: “It can be 3, 4, 5 ,months, sometimes even a year before the customerreturns to their yacht. And they have to trust that we’ve spent their hard-earned money”. “Another great benefit of working with personalized video isthat we’re able to give our clients a mini escape to the sunny Mallorca”, headded.

Taking personalized communication to the next level with Ventavid

It’s been 3 years since Tracy has implemented VentaVid within the business, and the usage has grown yearly. At the time they were looking for a platform that enabled them to add value to the client journey. Overtime VentaVid has added so much more.

#Tailored video messaging for closer ties

Princess Yachts embraced VentaVid to create personalized video messages. Despite the distance, these were not mere updates but engaging narratives that made clients feel closer to their yachts.

Tracy said, "VentaVid helped us bring a personal touch to our communication. Clients could virtually step on board and see the work we've done."

#Quality assurance through visual detailing

VentaVid became a tool for demonstrating the company's commitment to excellence. Tracy shared, "It's about showing the care and detail that goes into our work. VentaVid allowed us to build trust through transparency and has been successfully used for quality control."

#Streamlined communication for improved efficiency

The adoption of VentaVid has simplified the update process, making it quicker and more effective. The implementation it has allowed the team to focus more on their primary responsibilities, improving overall productivity.

"VentaVid is such a straightforward platform", said Tracy. “It has enabled us to share WhatsApp updates to our clients very simply, I can have a quick walkaround, show the customer what they've been asking to see and instantly upload it and share it”.

The professionalization of customer communication with VentaVid

Adding of VentaVid to the customer communication cycle has added tremendous value for Princess Yachts. Looking at some of the key benefits they could be summed into the following:

  • Strengthened client relationships:
    The use of personalized video updates played a significant role in enhancing the bond between the luxury yacht company and its clients.
  • Optimized sales and aftersales cycle:
    Now that VentaVid is standardly used with customer communication the team has found a way to constantly add value for their clients. The received feedback from clients on the personalized video updates have been nothing but positive.
  • Operational efficiency:
    The simplified process of sending video updates saved valuable time for the team, contributing to increased productivity.
  • Increased trust:
    The detailed and personal nature of the updates via VentaVid nurtured a deeper sense of trust among clients.

Making steps: further implementation plans within Princess Yachts

Encouraged by the positive outcomes, Tracy and the rest of the team are exploring ways to expand VentaVid’s usage in other business areas, particularly in sales. The goal is to continue enhancing customer engagement and utilizing the platform's potential to support business growth and client satisfaction.

This case study highlights the luxury yacht company's journey with VentaVid, showcasing how digital innovation can redefine client communication in the high-end market. Want to see what VentaVid can do for your business? Start your free trial or contact our team today for a free consultation!