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Learn how to create personalized video messages  that build trust with your customers, increase sales, and grow your auto business—all from your phone.

The customer’s journey has shifted online

With the car buying journey shifting online, fewer and fewer customers are visiting showrooms. Most dealers today still rely on boring, automated email sequences and faceless phone calls that rarely leave a lasting impression or a positive customer experience.

Here’s the good news. There’s a better way to cut through the noise and get your message directly to buyers.

Personalized video messages present a powerful opportunity to get the perfect message to the right customer, and at the right time.
This guide shows you step-by-step how to:
  • Craft personalized video messages for auto customers using simple video techniques
  • Use powerful scripts to build customer trust and generate more sales
  • Save both time and money with effective, repeatable video strategies
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The Car Dealer’s Complete Guide To High-Impact Video Content

  • Why Video is Powerful for Car Dealers
  • When to Send Video Messages
  • How to Make Video Messages
  • Video Script Examples
  • Six Tips for Creating Powerful Videos
  • The Car Dealer’s Video Checklist

What industry leaders are saying

Thanks to VentaVid our sales executives can create personalized and high-value content for each customer - which empowers them to make better purchase decisions. They’ve truly enabled ‘salesperson 2.0’.
Niek Cardinaal testimonial
Niek Cardinaal
Sales Manager
We use VentaVid to engage at every touchpoint. Our salespeople can reach out with an introduction video to make each customer feel welcome and then send personalized videos.
Dale Cuthbert testimonial
Kishor Kamath
Business Manager
VentaVid helps us build trust and our relationships with customers. Customer responses have been outstanding and has developed a whole new level of confidence.
Dale Cuthbert photo
Dale Cuthbert
Sales Manager
VentaVid helps us to connect more with (potential) customers through personal videos. The platform is stable and has beautiful, personal templates.
Daniel Wexler photo
Daniel Wexler
Branch Manager
VentaVid has allowed Paragon Honda to stand out from our competitors by providing personalized experiences for our customers.
Brian Benstock
VentaVid video systems are excellent. The systems they supply are second to none and I would definitely recommend it.
Steve Mildoon
Service Manager
VentaVid has truly transformed our servicing experience. We use VentaVid every time a car comes into our workshop. It is seamless, easy to use and on one platform.
James Spencer
Group Service Manager
VentaVid is a complete, professional solution that makes it easy for us to reach customers. Now we can create professional content, and track our videos and categories in one place - with a detailed analytics dashboard.
Dale Cuthbert testimonial
Kishor Kamath
Business Manager

Build your automotive video strategy and create your first videos in minutes with our free guide.

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