Training & Coaching

Providing training, coaching and supervision VentaVid provides the knowledge and resources, a powerful combination for optimal yield.  

Starting with VentaVid?
What do I need and how do we tackle that? We ensure that all resources are in order for optimal use. We take all your worries away. From preparation to start!

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In a row...

Learn how to create a video.
Feedback on videos made by our coach.
Discover the added value of video.
Learn how to make most effective use of your video

The possibilities...

On-site training: with on-site training, you help you and your colleagues on their way.

Remote video coaching: receive feedback to your video from our VentaVid coach.

Online course: for sales and aftersales with various practical examples.

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Feedback from our video coach

Our VentaVidcoach and/or manager will view your videos using the feedback module andprovide feedback.

The feedback in the module only focuses on the person makingthe video. As soon as feedback is available, employees will receive anotification. You can of course also respond yourself from VentaVid – asyou would also do for Fora or chat apps.

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