Customer case. How VentaVid Revolutionized Maintenance in a Prestige Automotive Dealership Group

Not one to shy away from embracing new technologies, Al Zayani’s service department incorporated personalized video messages into their Vehicle Health Check (VHC) program. With its long-standing reputation for providing bespoke customer service, this luxury car dealership found a suitable solution with VentaVid

Al Zayani, one of the most highly regarded automotive dealers in the Gulf region, distributes luxury brands such as Maserati, Bentley, and Jaguar. Their general manager based in Kuwait, Steven Southwell, found out about VentaVid through a pilot program. VentaVid's video messaging platform has been directly integrated into their dealer management system (DMS), Keyloop. We spoke with Steven about this integration and the advantages of working with VentaVid.

Discover how this luxury automotive dealer from Kuweit has found a solution that offers transparency, efficiency, and personalized communication to its diverse client base.  

Key Results

Significant conversion increase for upsells:
From 80% in Maserati and over 60% in Bentley
Improved customer satisfaction:
100% satisfaction in Bentley and Maserati, significant improvements for Jaguar.
Improved operational efficiency:
With streamlined communication processes, the team has gained better resource allocation and productivity.
Enhanced transparency and trust amongst clients:

Personalized videos increased clients' trust and transparency in the dealership's services.

About Al Zayani Dealership

Since its establishment in the 1950s, Al Zayani has represented the automotive industry in Kuwait. Originally located in the heart of the old city it was the sole importer of Austin vehicles. Although this once proud British brand is no longer manufactured, Al Zayani has built on the experience of those pioneering days to become an importer of luxury automotive brands including Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati, and Tata vehicles. 

After more than 70 years the company remains, very firmly, family-owned and operated. Their state-of-the-art facilities, completely rebuilt in 2016, offer their customers the best in luxury and refinement with the latest technologies. 

The dealership's General Manager, Steven, recognized the need for a system to bridge the communication gap, especially in a region where digital interaction norms differ significantly.

Keeping the highest standards for customer service 

Before working with VentaVid this dealership struggled with ineffective communication tools leaving room for improvement for Steven and his team. Frustrated and wanting to try something else, Steven Southwell had heard about VentaVid as a platform to revolutionize how dealerships communicate with their clients.

Steven stated, "We really needed our clients to feel more connected to our work. Something to make them virtually step into our dealership and see the dedication we put into servicing their vehicles." With our clients often out of the country this is an extra challenge for us in keeping our highest standards for customer service. 

VentaVid integrated with the DMS Keyloop

With the implementation of the DMS Keyloop the team of Al Zayani already had a platform in place to drive performance and loyalty amongst its customers through unified communication. By adding VentaVid to this mix they were able to improve their communication even further. VentaVid’s integration with Keyloop allows service managers and technicians to quickly retrieve all workshop data when they create a video, allowing them to create and deliver quotes to customers on the fly in a digital format. Customers can then quickly and easily understand what the work is, why it’s needed, as well as approve, sign, and pay invoices entirely online.

Change management through training

As is usually the case, the simple implementation of a new platform does not necessarily lead to instant success or improved conversion rates. To establish widespread usage, VentaVid provided the service department of Al Zayani’s with hands-on training. We developed a roll-out and training plan that established the objectives and a process on how to achieve them. Vital questions were answered such as; when to use video messages, how to gain commitment from employees, and what aspects to be mindful of.

Following an on-site training, the VentaVid team followed up with subsequent meetings and provided online video coaching. This also included providing feedback on videos created by the technicians of Al Zayani.

Improving conversions & customer satisfaction with personalized video

Through working with VentaVid this luxury car dealership from Kuwait has improved their communication with customers. Good thing that this improvement also shows in the results.

After a month of focusing solely on improving red work conversion rates, upsells skyrocketed from an average of 20 – 30 percent per month to an impressive 80 – 90 percent. Since then, conversion rates have consistently remained above 50 percent each month. These conversions reflect a significant improvement in customer engagement and willingness to proceed with necessary repairs and maintenance identified through the VHC program.

The customers of Al Zayani responded positively to the transparency and high level of integrity demonstrated by the dealership. The ability to visually assess their vehicle's condition through the videos created a sense of trust, empowering customers to make well-informed decisions regarding required services. The video-enhanced VHC program proved to be instrumental in boosting customer satisfaction, retention rates, and overall dealership performance.

What’s next for Al Zayani ?

Encouraged by these results, Steven is exploring ways to expand VentaVid’s usage. Plans include automated personalized video messages for appointment reminders and post-service follow-ups to continue driving growth for their Kuwaiti dealership in addition to providing a world-class customer experience for his clients.

Video messaging was already a game-changer. But only VentaVid helped us boost upsells and customer satisfaction. Its streamlined integration delivers easier communication with customers. It’s far superior to our previous solution. We’re constantly using VentaVid to optimize both our service operations and interactions with customers.

—Steven Southwell, General Manager

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