How to Use Video to Warm Up Cold Leads

If you’re a salesperson, you know that leads grow cold from time to time. What once might have been an enthusiastic buyer seemingly ready to sign a deal has become as cold as a snowball. Maybe they found a better deal; maybe they got cold feet; maybe they just got busy. Whatever the case may be, most salespeople will want to try to reignite interest from cold leads, particularly when things get slow. But one more email or voice isn’t going to cut it, especially not today. You need something engaging, eye-catching, and maybe even a little inspiring. That’s where personalized video messages come in. Here are a few creative approaches to use video to reconnect with and rekindle cold leads.

Give Them Something New

The key to using video isn’t just to visually stimulate your customers. It’s to engage them mentally. And nothing gets a person more excited than something they haven’t seen before. People usually love to be surprised (in a pleasant way), so perhaps there are some key selling points of that vehicle that they haven’t seen yet? If so, making a video about that will likely get them excited again.

Send a Quick Follow-up

Not all videos need to be long. In fact, you can even send a quick video that’s only 15 – 30 seconds long as a follow-up. Be sure to still keep it friendly and personal. Think of it as sending a personalized ad right to their inbox or phone. It can even be as easy as:

Hi NAME! I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to send you this quick video to see if you’re still interested in that vehicle you looked at not too long ago. It’s got all the features you want and it’s here waiting for you! Let me know soon, otherwise, we might end up having to give it to someone else. In this example, you can combine personalized messaging about the features (get more specific than we did, of course) with a little nudge that has a little FOMO to it.

Give Them a Little Nudge

Some leads grow cold because of indecision. The buyer may be faced with too many choices and, as a result, is procrastinating making a decision.

A personalized video is ideal here. Think about all the questions they asked previously, as well as ones they might have overlooked, and include the responses in your video message.

Best the Competition

We all know that vehicle sales is highly competitive these days. If you think a lead has grown cold because they’ve received a competing offer from another dealership, a personalized video might pull them back to your side.

The most important thing to remember is to not compete on price. Instead, focus on the customer’s reason for buying and what is important to them. Think like your customer and emphasize the emotional draw and uniqueness of your product.

Using personalized videos can help you shift the customers focus from price to product and emphasize the benefits of owning the car. By highlighting the customer’s buying motives, you can create a stronger engagement and encourage them to return to your showroom, virtually showcasing their potential new car.

Want more ideas for using video in your car dealership? We can help! Schedule a demo with one of our specialists, and we’ll show you how VentaVid can give your company a competitive advantage.