How a Ford Dealership Boosted Sales with VentaVid

Managing and tracking sales performance is a top priority for any car dealership. But without high-quality sales tools to help, it can be too easy for some sales to slip through the cracks, which can eventually lead to a decline in revenues.

After all, it’s a competitive marketplace, and customers have a wide variety of options available to them. Closing sales requires developing a deeper relationship with customers, and one tactic for staying on customers’ radar is using video. Video can help excite customers, but also to keep them engaged throughout the sales process.

Eastern Cape Motors, one of the largest privately owned motor groups in South Africa, had been using WhatsApp to send customers videos to capture and maintain their attention. Unfortunately, this proved challenging in the long run, with low levels of adoption among salespeople and poor response rates. What’s more, the WhatsApp doesn’t offer any reporting features, making it difficult to track and gauge a prospective customer’s interest.

That’s when they turned to VentaVid for a more comprehensive solution.

Using Video at Every Touchpoint

Eastern Cape Motors believed VentaVid could provide them with a new angle to their business that would help them increase their sales. After training their team, Eastern Cape Motors integrated VentaVid throughout their sales process. That means creating and sending videos

  • Before the first meeting
  • After first visit/test drive to say thank you
  • As a reminder and showcase for the vehicle’s benefits
  • Prior to delivery
  • As a thank you after delivery

They also send birthday, product, and general “keep in touch” videos to both existing and prospective customers, simply to stay top of mind.

Instilling Confidence, Closing Sales

Since the introduction of VentaVid, Eastern Cape Ford has been impressed with the results. On a basic level, they are closing 20 percent of sales where videos are used. Viewing and engagement stats are reviewed both weekly and monthly by each salesperson so that they can identify which clients seem keenest on closing a sale.

And on a more personal level, customers are responding very positively. “They’re enjoying the personal touch,” says Sales Manager Dale Cuthbert.

For example, Easter Cape Ford used VentaVid to reel in a customer who was the son-in-law of one of the dealership’s suppliers. The sales team used VentaVid throughout the sales process, but the supplier who referred the customer was particularly impressed with the delivery video. “He’s a lifelong BMW owner,” says Cuthbert. “He said he’d never seen anything like it.”

Ultimately, Eastern Cape Ford sees VentaVid as a tremendous value-added tool in the sales toolbox. As the sales staff has continued to use VentaVid, they’ve become more comfortable working with it, making the process faster and the videos more polished. And they expect to continue to deploy VentaVid throughout their business to win over even more customers.

VentaVid is a far superior product. It helps us build trust and our relationships with customers. Customer responses have been outstanding and has developed a whole new level of confidence in how our salespeople interact with customers.

--Dale Cuthbert, Sales Manager, Eastern Cape Ford

About VentaVid

VentaVid helps cars dealerships use personal video messaging in sales and aftersales, with the aim to increase turnover and raise customer satisfaction. With templates, notifications of video views, insights into trends, and multiple delivery options, VentaVid captures customers’ attention and keeps them engaged throughout the sales process.