3 Ways to Close Sales Faster

It’s a cutthroat world when it comes to closing sales on vehicles. From competing with online sales as well as other dealerships in town to hesitant customers concerned about a volatile economy, closing vehicle sales today is likely harder than ever.

But when the going gets tough the tough get going, as the saying goes. In other words, smart salespeople will work to find a way to get sales done. And one strategy to do that is to shorten the sales cycle.

With that in mind, here are three tips to help you stay competitive and close sales faster.

Commit to Following Up Fast

It may be a familiar one, but it’s very important. Follow up with leads immediately! The most important thing in lead follow-up is your responsiveness. The faster you follow up, the more likely you are to get to a sale. And don't forget: calling is always number one. if you have a phone number, always call.

The first goal when following up the customer is to get in touch and then sell the appointment.

Ask the Right Questions

Selling is not about what you think, it’s about what the customer thinks. As a car salesperson, your job is to find out what the customer wants and needs. Ask open-ended questions so that the customer starts talking. Open-ended questions do not give the customer an opportunity to respond with a yes or no answer.

Ask questions like, “Why do you want to buy a vehicle?” and “Why are you looking at a particular model?” Then, listen carefully to what the customer says and follow up on it. Only then can you give good advice and

Add Video to Your Sales Toolbox

There are many sales tools available to salespeople today. It can almost be blinding the number of options that are out there.  However, personal video messaging is the one few tools out there that are nearly guaranteed to speed up your sales process. Why? Personalized video messages help you build rapport, trust, and ultimately a more positive customer experience that:

  • Provides more effective messaging with visuals and non-verbal cues
  • Generates faster customer replies
  • Uses fewer resources and saves time
  • Build a stronger customer relationship that drives more sales and aftersales

Selling is all about building personal relationships. Customers want to feel understood and listened to. And if you have asked the right questions and have learned the customer's needs, you can incorporate them into your video message. These are the customer’s reasons for buying, and incorporating them into a video will go straight to the customer's heart and emotion.

Want to learn more about using video to close sales faster? We’ve got you covered! Schedule a VentaVid demo to see how video can be one of the best tools in your sales toolbox.