dealership service upsell

How to upsell services for your dealership using video

It’s no secret that a dealership’s service department is often the real money maker. Whether it’s selling parts or repairing customers’ vehicles, service departments can account for as much as 49 percent of a dealer’s gross profit. That’s why it’s essential to increase service department profitability. And that means growing your service department’s upsell rate.

Now, customers coming to a service department usually come to fix a specific problem. When presented with an additional service that might be recommended, customers will often put them off if they’re not immediately necessary. Service managers need to be convincing, but having the right tools on hand can really help them persuade the customer that something is necessary, even when the need isn’t immediate.

And that’s where video comes in. Let’s take a closer look at how to use video upsell services.

It’s better to show than to tell

First and foremost, video can help service managers show the exact problem that needs to be fixed. For example, if the tires are starting to wear down, it’s easy to make a quick video showing the tread indicator bars or other indication. The more visual you can make it, the more likely it is that the customer will choose to have it fixed.

The real power of video happens when it’s the mechanic showing the problem. Videos can be shot over the mechanic’s shoulder, showing what was checked and what needs to be done. The mechanic can get a more complete explanation of what’s needed, using displays such as battery testers, tire tread gauges, etc. Customers can get to know the person working on their vehicle and are more likely to trust the mechanic over.

Overcoming price concerns

One of the biggest concerns customers have is that service department work is expensive. And while that opinion may or may not be justifiable, video can go a long way to convince them of the value of repairs. Video can help you connect with the customer on an emotional level that often isn’t achievable over the phone or email.

Increase customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of any dealership—on both the sales and service side. The good news is that video messaging is proven to increase customer satisfaction. Customers love the video because it gives them the opportunity to see their car from the mechanic’s eyes.  

At the same time, video is one of the most efficient mediums for communication, so it should be no surprise that using videos in your service department can make the customer experience shorter. In this case, a brief video about a recommended service will save significant time and effort, reduce back and forth, and generally make the experience for the customer easier and more enjoyable.