How to Use Video Messaging after Closing a Sale

Video is one of the most popular and powerful communication vehicles at our disposal. Digital technologies have made creating, sharing and watching videos easier than ever. As a result, they’ve become an essential ingredient to developing and maintaining customer relationships.

We talk a lot about using Video messaging to close more sales, but what happens after a sale? Aside from the service department taking over the relationship, are there other opportunities for salespeople to communicate with customers?

Of course there are! Just because the customer signs on the dotted line doesn’t mean your relationship with them is complete. In fact, maintaining a semi-regular level of communication is essential to earning their trust and long-term loyalty. They will remember how you make them feel, and as a result, will likely reward you with their business over and over again.
Here are three ways you can use VentaVid to solidify customer relationships after you close a sale. Remember: The key to any video is to personalize the message to the customer!

Build Excitement for Delivery

Once a sale is completed, the customer generally has to wait a while to actually get their car. This can be as little as a week, or if they’re ordering a highly customized vehicle, this could be several months. In that period, it’s possible that customers will lose interest in their new vehicle, potentially to the point in actually being disappointed once it arrives.
Video can go a long way to help keep them engaged and excited. There’s an entire series of videos that you can create using VentaVid to regularly be part of any waiting periods.

These might include:
• A personalized thank you video
• Any updates the salesperson gets on the vehicle
• A one-week out reminder
• An invitation to come pick the vehicle up when it’s ready

Of course, there might be other topics you want to include. We encourage you to explore what works best for your dealership and customers.

Check in on Their Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the top key metrics dealerships track. Most dealers will send out an email once a customer signs and/or receives their vehicle, asking for feedback on the process. But email is so impersonable and often go ignored or trapped in a spam folder. Why not make it more enticing with a video?
Not only is this an opportunity to again thank them for their business, but it’s a good way to prime the pump for positive responses to your satisfaction survey.

Wish them a Happy Birthday

Creating a happy birthday video is possibly the easiest video of all to make! It takes almost no time to make but can have a huge impact on how the customer perceives your business. Take a few minutes the day or so before their birthday to record a nice birthday message, wishing them well and that you hope they’re enjoying their new vehicle. Be sure to include any personal details you learned about them through the process! That will ensure the customer sees your video as real and authentic.

Want to learn more ways to incorporate video into your vehicle sales processes? VentaVid might be the tool you need! Schedule a demo to see all the different ways VentaVid can help you close more sales and boost customer loyalty.