How VentaVid's Reporting Can Help You Increase Sales

We often like to talk about all the cool features that VentaVid offers that help users produce engaging, personalized videos. But one feature we don’t discuss enough is VentaVid’s comprehensive backend reporting. Designed with sales managers and dealership owners in mind, our backend reporting allows dealerships to gain both a global understanding of how their organization is using videos and a granular view of individual salespeople and videos.

Most video apps only tell you how many views your video got. Some might even say if they’ve been delivered. But most don’t tell you anything else that might be useful. VentaVid, on the other hand, offers an in-depth look at how your videos are performing.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the data dealerships have access to with VentaVid and how it can help you increase sales.

Data Found in VentaVid’s Reporting

VentaVid’s backend reporting provides comprehensive and aggregate statistics in a variety of categories.

These include:
  • How many videos were sent and watched
  • How many of each video type is sent (e.g. sales video, service video, etc.)
  • How many videos were uploaded videos
  • How many videos were published
  • How many videos were delivered
  • Channels that videos were sent through (social media, SMS, WhatsApp, email, etc.)
  • Open rate
  • Time to Open (TTO) percentage from time receiving it
  • Number of views
  • Star ratings of videos
  • Service acceptance rates

As you can see, VentaVid provides far more complete data than simple views. Data is great to have, of course, but it’s worthless if you don’t know how to use it. Let’s take a brief look at how we recommend customers use our data to improve sales performance.

How to Use VentaVid’s Reporting

First off, the aggregate data can be very useful to get an overall view of how sales teams, service teams, and technicians are using VentaVid. This is particularly useful for businesses that have a more complex organization.
But not only can managers see information in aggregate, they can also drill down on a number of aspects to view data:

  • By salesperson
  • By location (for multi-location dealerships)
  • By video template
  • By video
  • By channel
  • By Service team member
  • By Technician

Managers can quickly and easily get an idea of not only who’s using the platform, but who’s using it successfully. That might translate to staff rewards and incentives if they’re performing at a high level, or conversely, it can tell managers who might need some coaching.

For service teams and technicians, we also provide a feature where they can send estimates directly to customers accompanied with a video explaining what needs to be done. Customers can then accept or decline estimates, and VentaVid provides reporting on that as well.

This can give managers a better idea of what’s working—and what’s not working—in their service department. What’s more, it saves time for both the team members and the customers, as it cuts down on phone calls and back and forth communications. It’s a real win-win!

Ultimately, the data in VentaVid’s reporting will help dealerships become more effective and efficient, all while improving sales performance.

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