Seasonal Marketing Video Ideas that Will Wow Your Customers

Incorporating video into your marketing and customer outreach is an essential component to car sales today. And a key component to any video is a hook that snags the customer’s attention and draws them in. Think of it like bait on the end of a fishing line. A good hook can help ensure prospects watch your video from start to finish and keeps them from navigating away before it’s over.

Finding an effective hook is sometimes easier said than done, though. It can be difficult to know in advance what will grab customers’ attention. This is often where personalization comes in, which we’ve discussed extensively. Sometimes, though, you need to not only personalize your videos, but also connect them to what’s happening in the customer’s life. And a great way to do that is to incorporate seasonal themes to your video. Here are a few ideas you can use to make seasonal marketing videos that hook customers and help close sales.


In many parts of the world, winter is associated with snow and cold weather. It doesn’t matter if you’re north of the equator, where winter is December through March, or south of the equator, where winter is June through August. Wherever you are, people who live in wintery conditions often have specific needs of their vehicles that you can play up in your videos. This could include highlighting things like heated seats, four-wheel drive, etc. Additionally, in some parts of the world, winter is associated with gift-giving holidays. Lean on these holidays to entice customers to make a purchase as a gift for their loved one or even themselves.


Spring is associated with renewal, which can be a strong emotional anchor for some customers. It’s a time when people are excited to go outside and experience the nice weather. For car sales videos, this can mean showing off some new stock, sunroofs, great mileage, and other features that enable customers to more fully enjoy the spring weather.


When we think of summer, our thoughts almost always turn to vacation. Whether they prefer the beach, mountains, or something in between, people are yearning for a break from the routine.
Like in spring, you can highlight features that make summer travel more comfortable or easier. Additionally, use this opportunity to remind prospects how great it’ll be to take their new vehicle on vacation.


Fall is all about back to school, leaves changing colors, and the return of sweater weather. This is also a good season for road trips, so emphasizing comfort and efficiency is a good way to go for autumn-related videos.

Holidays and Special Days

Lastly, videos don’t have to focus on the weather or season. You can also create videos around holidays and other special days, like Mother’s Day, Halloween, etc.. You can also look to fun and quirky designated “National Days” for ideas, such as National Homemade Cookies Day. Check out for some inspiration. Just don’t forget to personalize it to the customer!

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