Video in aftersales

The Power of Video in Aftersales

There are many situations in which a customer may need your services as a Technician after they’ve driven the vehicle off your dealership’s lot:

  • Annual inspections
  • Servicing
  • Repairs
  • …and much more

However, in many cases, the customer may not always understand the price point for these services. For example, no customer is pleased to learn that they need to pay $800 for repairs to get their vehicle to pass an annual inspection. They may not want to pay at all, or opt to go look for other workshops.

In the past, automotive businesses would have to rely on email or phone to explain the value of the service and why it’s worth the cost for the customer to get their vehicle serviced.

Today, video represents a much more powerful and convincing medium of communication that allows you to build trust with the customer in seconds.

The great news is that it doesn’t take expensive tools or technical knowledge to create authentic videos to convince your customers to commit to paying for your maintenance services.

  • You can record a video directly from your smartphone
  • You can record at your workstation without having to travel to a studio

By delivering a video for your services, you are immediately building rapport with customers with your transparency and personalized approach.

That’s the power of video. And VentaVid is your all-in-one solution for creating and delivering these personalized video messages that offer transparency and the best experience for your customers —which helps create trust, repeat business, and more revenue.

Welcome to VentaVid

We help car companies achieve optimal transparency with maximum customer satisfaction. And that leads to more customers, more work and ultimately MORE revenue.

With the internet, customers have access to more options than ever before when it comes to automotive repairs and services.

This has allowed them to “shop around” for lower prices and also caused them to become more skeptical of services they perceive as expensive. Many customers may even question what they paid for if they don’t see or understand any noticeable change in their vehicle.

The good news is this: video helps you sell the value of your services and create happy and loyal customers at the same time.

Traditionally, customers only speak to the Service Advisor in most service engagements. With video, both the Service Advisor and Technician can speak to the customer to create trust, transparency, and a consistent message that will create a better customer experience and increase loyalty.

Your videos can show where their car was serviced, how it was serviced, and  who serviced it, to provide a clear visual that helps the customer understand the full value of the service they paid for. This way it becomes immediately clear what you’re doing and how - all the while saving valuable time of both yourself and the customer by answering any apprehensions with a quick video. This allows you to save time, create more revenue, and generate more happy customers that are loyal to your brand and dealership.