VentaVid joins Keyloop’s Partner Programme

VentaVid is a video platform that facilitates car dealerships in sending video messages to their customers via an easy to use app. With the Keyloop integration, the necessary data for sending a video message is retrieved from the DMS, plus all data necessary to automatically display quotations for additional work. As a result, the customer can digitally approve the quotation, sign it and pay the invoice online.


Video maximises transparency for the customer. The combination with Keyloop ensures that processes run more efficiently and that the customer's confidence in the dealership increases.  

Adrian Winter - CTO VentaVid: ""Keyloop is a global supplier of software solutions for the automotive retail sector. The choice for the Partner Programme fits seamlessly into our vision: to help dealerships  worldwide use personal video messages for increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction."

We are excited that VentaVid is now a partner in Keyloop's global Partner Programme!