VentaVid vs. WhatsApp: The VentaVid Advantage

It should be no surprise that using video to help sell vehicles and enhance service department offerings can seriously boost your customer engagement and grow sales. But there are so many platforms out there to choose from, it can be confusing for dealerships that are just starting to incorporate video into their practice.

One popular platform is WhatsApp. It’s the natural choice for many salespeople, as many already use it in their personal lives. After all, approximately 2 billion people globally use the app each month; that’s nearly 1/3 of the earth’s population!

But despite its widespread adoption, WhatsApp falls considerably short when it comes to features that dealerships need to move product. Here are a few areas where VentaVid has a deep advantage over WhatsApp.

Engagement Reporting

WhatsApp can tell you if a video has been delivered and if the message has been “read.” But that’s about it. It doesn’t tell you if the recipient actually watched the video, how many times they watched it, or what they thought of it.

Not only does VentaVid provide this to salespeople, but dealerships can also gain insights by using VentaVid’s reporting features, which include aggregate total across all videos sent. VentaVid also offers multi-location reporting, so larger dealerships can get detailed information about how their videos are performing across their entire organization.

Video Creation & Editing Tools

Sure you can create a video fairly easily on WhatsApp, but let’s be real: Editing on WhatsApp leaves a lot to be desired. There’s no stopping and starting videos, and the editing tools are just very limited in terms of scope and power.

VentaVid, on the other hand, offers a robust set of tools that makes video editing a snap. You can stop and start videos easily, meaning you can create multi-part videos covering each of the vehicle’s unique selling points—exterior, interior, etc.

What’s more, a video on WhatsApp is sent as a video file. However, VentaVid embeds videos into a webpage, which gives dealers more options in how it’s presented. That includes including on-page branding, call to action buttons, and more.

Using VentaVid, you can develop branded templates. You can also create separate templates for sales, aftermarket sales, and service departments, or for the each of the brands your dealership sells. Templates can also be shared between all team members, ensuring a uniform look and feel to all videos no matter who is making them.


VentaVid lets you create a workflow to ensure that videos are reviewed internally before sending to a customer. For example: A mechanic makes a video, which is then automatically routed to a service advisor to review. The service advisor can then approve and send the video to the customer. WhatsApp simply doesn’t offer this.


To use WhatsApp, both the sender and the recipient have to have the app installed on their devices. But not everyone has a smartphone, nor does everyone have the app.

VentaVid, however, doesn’t require your customers to download anything else. They can watch videos using links our app generates. Additionally, VentaVid allows you to create text templates, ensuring that your salespeople always use the right text for the type of video they’re sending.

Additionally, because WhatsApp uses video files instead of URLs, customers are forced to download videos and use their data. Additionally, the video file is then on the recipient's phone as long as they keep it.

VentaVid, however, is only a link. This is both more secure, but it also allows the dealership to delete the video as needed, making it no longer available to the customer or anyone.

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