Platform for Interactive Video Messaging

VentaVid: A Global Platform for Interactive Video Messaging

Aiming to Increase Positive Interactions between Companies and their Customers  VentaVid: A Global Platform for Interactive VideoMessaging. Automotive companies around the world compete on gaining their customer’s confidence by providing the best services to attract the largest segment of customers to the products that they offer.

The specifications and design of vehicles are no longer the deciding factors that steer the decision for those wishing to acquire a new car, as buyers are now smarter in this aspect since they look at the complete services that the manufacturer or local dealer will provide during and after the purchase process. In a direction to help car manufacturers and dealers keep pace with this competition, VentaVid has developed its own video messaging platform that helps companies serve its customers and communicate with them. A tool that has proved to be very beneficial for companies in various regions of the world. VentaVid has positively increased the effectiveness of communication between companies’ various departments and the clients, utilizing the use of video messages, which led to an increase in customer satisfaction with the provided services.

VentaVid Middle East Video Messaging Awards

VentaVid always seeks more ways to increase the added value of its platform; for that, they evaluate all companies using the platform based on measuring customer satisfaction and its own review of the provided services. Then, awards are given to the best respondents in “customer communications” on an annual basis. For this year’s 2021 award, sales consultants from Juffali Automotive Company, the exclusive distributor for Mercedes-Benz Cars in Saudi Arabia, won two VentaVid’s Videos of the Best and Most engaging Sales Video Award in the Middle East Region. Also, sales consultants from Al-Babtain Nissan in Kuwait received the Best and Most Important engaging Video Award. Moreover, Aljomaih Automotive Company, Cadillac official dealers in KSA, also won VentaVid’s Award for the Best After-Sales Video.

Increased transparency

Kees Oldenhage from VentaVid explained that: “VentaVid’s video messaging platform continues to grow and receive requests from many companies around the world to take advantage of the platform in developing and enhancing their customer service further. The increase in requests was based on the great success witnessed in companies that pioneered using VentaVid, as It increased customers’ level of confidence and trust in their provided services. For example, the transparency offered through our platform has increased customer confidence in their automotive dealers due to the videos that explain maintenance services required, reviewing repair and maintenance jobs needed in an easier, faster and clearer manner, and then providing approval for the tasks viewed easily through VentaVid.”