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View the video and discover how to increase both your turnover and your customer satisfaction in an instant with a personal aftersales video message. 

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The magic of VentaVid

User rating

Video rating

With user rating, customers are able to rate your videos quickly and easily. This valuable customer feedback helps you to adjust your strategy effectively. If a customer sends his rating, you will receive a notification. The advantage? Direct feedback with the customer, adjustment and increasing the quality of your videos.

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Pause button

Create a multi-part video quickly

Create a persuasive video with short alternating shots. Not a lengthy story, but to the point. The secret: the pause button.
Shot of under the bonnet – pause – shot of the repair – pause – shot of explanation by the technician. Advantage: clear and persuasive videos for your customers.

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Repair costs in the video

With the offer option, you add the offers to the video and enable your customer to approve them. Specify quickly and easily. The recommended maintenance might be: ‘essential’, ‘in the near future’ or ‘advisory’, plus any additional information. Video seen, check, approve immediately and finish.

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Shared folder

Set use of video in the workflow

Adjust the video to the workflow of the workplace, so that the work process isn’t disrupted. Your technician will create the video, place it in the shared folder, your colleague receives a notification, checks the video and sends it. Clear, quick and persuasive. In brief, save valuable time with the shared folder.

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Easily change your corporate style

Multi-templates enable you to change corporate style quickly and easily from a single account. Ideal if you represent several brands. Switch your corporate style or corporate style template easily and always communicate in the correct corporate style with your customers.

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The ‘video seen’ notification

Has the customer seen your video? If so, you will receive a notification straight away. That is your signal to contact the customer quickly and to take action. The notification arrives on your dashboard. There you can also see how often a video has been viewed and see what the most recently viewed videos are in an instant. And that is valuable information for your sales strategy!

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Insight into trends and use

Compile your own dashboard. In this, you keep a record of the statistics for each branch and employee. Important insight into management and the type of videos made. Obtain insight into videos viewed, customer ratings, line diagram for videos sent and viewed. Does your company have several branches? If so, use the holding statistics. A complete action overview in an instant.

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E-mail module

The correct text for the correct message

Make it match! Place the correct text in the correct video.
VentaVid’s unique e-mail module enables you always to send the right message quickly and easily. A pre-configured text template guarantees the correct text for every situation.  It’s good to know that VentaVid uses as many as 14 text templates for all touchpoints in the sales process. 

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SMS module

Quick and direct contact with the customer

Ping! Send your video plus message quickly and securely by text message. Your customer views the video message on your smartphone and responds right away. No unnecessary delay. The accompanying text has already been entered. Question of entering telephone number and pressing send.  

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