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Sending personalized Video Messages
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Practical guide for car dealerships

Learn how to create personalized video messages  that build trust with your customers, increase sales, and grow your auto business—all from your phone.

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What’s Inside

This guide shows you step-by-step how to:

  • Why Video is Powerful for Car Dealers
  • When to Send Video Messages
  • How to Make Video Messages
  • Video Script Examples
  • Six Tips for Creating Powerful Videos
  • The Car Dealer’s Video Checklist

What  industry leaders are saying

Arno Ophorst from Volkswagen

"Customers respond faster and more enthusiastically  with video. The result is a higher conversion on your leads and stronger business ROI.”

Arno Ophorst (Volkswagen)
Brian Benstock from Paragon Honda

"With video Paragon to stands out from our competitors by providing personalized experiences for our customers."

Brian Benstock (Paragon Honda)
The power of video in the Sales ebook content

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