Your showroom
in the customer’s home! With VentaVid Sales

Imagine that your customer – before entering the showroom – is already familiar with your company and you have already obtained his trust?

Win over your customer with a personal video message. The result is a higher conversion rate on your leads, a higher goodwill factor and a customer experience that is unlike any other. Advantage one: more margin for you. Advantage two: car sales is a personal experience once again.

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Easy, quick and a total hit

The VentaVid app for sales brings the showroom to your customer. Create your own quick, personal and persuasive videos for your customer. Following up leads in a surprising manner using video creates a greater conversion rate. This customer-oriented, distinctive and persuasive step in the customer journey creates a higher level of customer satisfaction. 

VentaVid doesn’t just work quickly and easily, it also provides you with additional insight and overview for a more effective sales strategy.

VentaVid for a better result

Online leads:
evoke confidence  
Increase the
conversion rate

With a personal video message, you come across in a reliable and authentic manner and it sets you apart from your competition. The result?

  • Your customers respond faster and more enthusiastically
  • You gain the customer’s trust faster
  • A considerable advantage for the goodwill factor

In brief, more appointments lead to increased turnover and increased profit. And your customer has a fantastic purchasing experience and is more likely to tell others about you.

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Confirm appointments
for greater impact and a fantastic goodwill factor

Do you want to make yourself stand out from the competition? Make sure that your customer already feels a click with your company before he visits your showroom.

Confirm your appointments with a video message. The customer will recognise you as soon as he arrives. With a fun, short video, you are making the first step in your relationship with the customer. And that’s a valuable step for your goodwill factor.

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Sneak previews upon delivery for ambassadors

Customer satisfaction is important. Adding a video message to the delivery of the car is a proven and effective way of achieving a higher (NPS)-score. Distinctive plus unforgettable; that’s something you would be happy to tell others about.

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What makes us unique?

User rating
Video rating

Receive valuable customer feedback, NPO scores and notifications in your dashboard. Advantage: you can make adjustments and improvements quickly.

Change your corporate style

Multi-templates enable you to change corporate style quickly and easily from a single account. Ideal if you represent different car brands, for example.

The ‘video seen’ notification

You will receive a notification as soon as the customer has seen the video. That is your signal to contact the customer quickly and to take immediate action.

Pause button
Alternating shots

Create a persuasive video with short alternating shots. Advantage: professional, persuasive customer-oriented videos.


The experience of

“It makes you stand out from your competitors"

Arno Ophorst  | Van Tilburg Bastianen

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