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Ouch. That tedious telephone call to the customer. The drive shaft sleeve is leaking and that is no cheap repair. Only your customer doesn’t have a clue, you hear the doubt on the other end of the line.
But imagine that your technician explains himself on video what the repair is, its exact location and why it is important. With VentaVid, this is quick, easy, professional and personal to do.

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Easy, quick and customer-oriented

Put your customers at ease and exude confidence. Communicate repairs in a transparent and persuasive manner using the VentaVid aftersales app. Persuade your customers of the need for a repair in a distinctive manner. The result: faster approval of repairs, less discussion on the phone and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Increase your turnover and customer satisfaction in an instant

Clearer explanation of repairs, faster approval
and fewer discussions
on the phone

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Opt for transparency and show what has been repaired

The result? A committed customer who finds he’s being taken seriously.

  • Higher level of customer satisfaction.
  • The customer knows exactly what to expect.
  • The customer knows that his car is in good hands in your garage. 
  • Faster approval of repairs.
  • Improved occupation of the ramps / hoists.
  • Greater turnover of hours and parts per work order.
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What makes us unique?

User rating
Video rating

Receive valuable customer feedback, (NPS)-scores and notifications in your dashboard. Advantage: you can make adjustments and improvements quickly.

Repair costs in the video

With the offer / joblines option, you add the recommended repairs to the video and enable your customer to approve them. Quick and easy. Video seen, check, approve and finish.

Shared folder
The correct workflow at all times

Technician creates the video, places it in the shared folder, service employee checks and sends it. Quick and controlled.

Pause button
Alternating shots

Create a persuasive video with short alternating shots. Advantage: professional, persuasive videos for your customers.


The experience of

“VentaVid video systems are excellent. The systems
they supply are second to none and I would definitely recommend it.“

Mercedes Benz South West | Steve Mildoon

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