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Over 95% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of being received. Unlock revenue growth and skyrocket your sales with personalized videos you create in minutes.

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The magic of VentaVid

User rating

Video rating

With user rating, customers can quickly and easily rate your videos. Receiving this instant feedback allows you to catch any negative or positive trends as they emerge allowing you to adjust your video content in real-time.

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Pause button

Effortless Customization

VentaVid’s simple and easy to use video editor makes video creation quick and effortless. Previous experience not required.

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Build your Brand

Leverage VentaVid's library of customizable templates to engage and delight your consumers.

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Always On

Receive real-time notifications on customers that have engaged with your video content.

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Customer Insights

Intelligence that gives you the edge. Know what’s driving your video performance. Our exclusive customer insights gives you the clarity and perspective to make smart marketing decisions.

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E-mail module

Maximize Impact

Connect to the consumers that love your brand. Engage your loyal fans with our advanced suite of email marketing solutions.

Outperform your targets with our mix of technology across channels.

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SMS module

Customer Engagement

Interact with your customers through our secure proprietary platform and start turning conversations into conversions. 

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