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How to send an instant video message on WhatsApp

How to Send an Instant Video Message on WhatsApp

1. Introduction: video message on WhatsApp
2. Exploring the new WhatsApp video message feature
3. How to send an instant video message on WhatsApp
4. Maximum duration of WhatsApp video messages
5. The difference between sending a video and a "video message" on WhatsApp
Sending video messages with VentaVid

1. Introduction

On the 27th of July Mark Zuckerberg shared an update on his Facebook account showing a freshly added video feature. This latest addition to the messaging platform makes it possible to instantly record and share a video message in WhatsApp chats.

Whether you're sharing memorable moments or bringing across important information, knowing how to send an instant video message on WhatsApp can add that extra layer of personalization to your conversations. In this article we'll show you how to send instant video messages on WhatsApp step by step.

2. Exploring the new WhatsApp video message feature

WhatsApp consistently introduces new features to improve the user experience, with it's latest addition the ability to send instant video messages. By incorporating this new way of communicating, WhatsApp has given users the power to share not just text but also visual snippets of their lives. From birthday celebrations to breathtaking landscapes, this feature lets you capture and share these moment effortlessly.

3. How to send an instant video message on WhatsApp

To send an instant video message on WhatsApp for Android or iOS all you need to do is the following. Access any chat and tap on the voice note icon. Once tapped, the microphone icon will switch to a video icon which enables video mode. Next you can press and hold the video icon to instantly record your message. When ready, simply stop holding the record button and your video will be shared in your chat. So step-by-step:

1 # Open a chat:
Launch your WhatsApp application and open the chat window of the person you want to send the instant video message to.

2 # Tap the voice note (microphone) icon:
Within the chat, you'll see a microphone icon next to the text input field. Tap this icon to make it switch to video mode.

3 # Start recording:
Now, you'll see the video interface. To begin recording, press and hold the video camera icon. While holding, your phone's camera will start capturing the video message.

4 # Record Your Message:
While recording, you can speak directly into your phone's microphone to provide context to the video message.

5 # sending video message:
Once you're done, release your finger from the video icon, and the message will be sent automatically.

4. Maximum duration of video messages on WhatsApp

While video messages allow you to share vivid moments, it's essential to know the limitations. WhatsApp imposes a maximum duration for instant video messages to ensure efficient sharing and optimal user experience. Currently, instant video messages can be up to 60 seconds long. This restriction makes sure that users keep their messages concise and engaging. This also makes it easier for recipients to view and respond promptly.

5. The difference between sending a video and a "video message" on WhatsApp

You might wonder, "What's the difference between sending a regular video and a 'video message' on WhatsApp?" The answer lies in the format and purpose. Sending a video typically involves uploading a video file from your gallery, which the recipient can then play. In contrast, an instant video message is a dynamic visual snippet recorded in real-time within the chat. It's more personal, spontaneous, and tailored to the ongoing conversation.

6. Sending a video message via VentaVid

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