Six Tips for Optimizing Video Messages for car sales

Tip 1: Be enthusiastic

The very best tip for any situation: be enthusiastic and begin with a smile. This is your opportunity to bring across your enthusiasm for the dealership and vehicle. It is the first impression the customer will get of you, so be enthusiastic, and above all be yourself. Make sure you leave a good impression.

Tip 2: Don’t re-watch your video

Don’t re-watch the video once you’ve recorded it. Yes, you read that correctly.

Never re-watch a video once you’ve recorded it. If you know that what you said is correct, then why would you want to re-watch your video? It’s inevitable that you will notice that you fluffed something up. But that doesn’t matter, it doesn’t need to be perfect. This makes the message more authentic. Personal. Real. And this builds trust and rapport with the viewer.

Make sure that making video messages doesn’t take up too much of your time; as a car sales executives you don’t have much time to waste.

A few examples, to make your video personal:

  • Refer to the reason for the contact
  • Refer to details from the inquiry
  • Respond to the customer’s questions
  • Refer to their reasons for buying
  • Talk about relevant details of the vehicle
  • For your own preparation: know what you are going to say. Can you remember the customer’s name? What do you want to bring across, does the customer have any questions?

TIP 3: Personalize

The video message will only act as a trigger if you make it personal. It also makes the customer feel like they are being taken seriously, because they receive maximum attention. So remember all the relevant details from the inquiry, so that you can incorporate them into your video message, and respond to any questions that the customer may have.

Make sure that you personalize the message; that makes it much more powerful.Personalizing doesn’t mean referring to the customer’s name twenty times!

The video message will only act as a trigger if you make it personal

It means, for example, that you talk about things that you have previously discussed with the customer. Their concern about whether the car is capable of having a towing hook fitted, or the damage from stone chippings on the car’s bonnet. This makes it a natural follow-on from your previous conversation.

TIP 4: Avoid sources of interference

What’s more important in your video message - the picture or the sound? When we’re talking about movies, you probably think straight away about the visuals.
But good sound quality, being heard and understood, is more important than you think.

Once you start recording, you become aware of all the background noises that you don’t normally notice. So don’t close the door or the tailgate while you are filming. Switch the motor off. Make sure that the radio is turned off. And don’t forget to silence your mobile device to avoid interruptions.

TIP 5: Refer to the customer’s reasons for buying in your video

If you haven’t spoken with the customer, then their reasons for buying will not be clear. If you do know these, it makes your video much more powerful. The best sequence of events is to talk with them over the phone first, where possible. Because then you can tailor your video to appeal more to your customer.

TIP 6: Inspect the condition of the car

Before making a video, it’s best to know whether there is any damage to the car.

If you said that the car doesn’t have any damage, and then you spot some damage to the wheel rim while filming; then you will have to start all over again.

It is a good idea to always include any damage in the video. This way you come off as honest and transparent, and that is precisely what customers are looking for. So if you include some damage in the picture, point it out. That way you avoid the customer thinking it’s a meter-long scratch, when it’s actually just one centimeter long.


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